50 tips to create your own video for YouTube
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YouTube and other visual Social Media have the future. So, when you want to compete within your niche, it’s advisable to start creating nice looking visual material. Therefore, I have created a list for you with creative ideas to make your own video for YouTube.

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50 Tips To Create Your Own Video For YouTube

What can you create on Youtube?

– 1. Create a list video (like this one).

– 2. Give sightseeing through your company

– 3. Give answers to the FAQ in your niche

– 4. Make a slideshow with text and beautiful pictures

– 5. Give a product demonstration

– 6. Show how a product is manufactured

– 7. Make a commercial for your Youtube channel, a channel trailer.

– 8. Interview an authority in your niche

– 9. Make a video about “New in the branch..”

– 10. Make a before and after video, e.g. the hairdresser

– 11. Interview yourself

– 12. Film sightseeing through your village

– 13. Film a building under construction and present it very fast

– 14. Create a parody on an existing video

– 15. Display an opinion about something or just do a rant

– 16. Make a demo of your website

– 17. Make a thank-you-for-your-visit video for your website

– 18. Make a comparison between 2 products

– 19. Create a training video

– 20. Make a reply to another video

– 21. Tell a story

– 22. Are you in healthy food? Make a 7-day video of your lunch

– 23. Create a dance video

– 24. Make a baby – toddler video

– 25. Pranks and bloopers always work great

– 26. Ask your customers to say a few words about your product

– 27. Make a movie about your collection

– 28. Bought something new? Put the camera on when you are unboxing it

– 29. Make a video from a powerpoint presentation

– 30. Make a “behind the scene” at…

– 31. Film an activity

– 32. Make a DIY video

– 33. Make a tips and tricks video

Click here for the 10 Tips

– 34. Make a movie of a sports-game

– 35. Create a YouTube about life-hacks

– 36. Make reviews of a book, game or movie

– 37. Make a movie playing a computer game

– 38. Create a travel vlog

– 39. Create a bucket list video

– 40. Comment an event

– 41. Make a vlog about your life

– 42. Make an info video about a subject

– 43. Film a life event or a proposal to marriage,

– 44. Film “first-time” events baby-boy/girl

– 45. Turn your cat into a star, very grateful subject

– 46. Do a remake on an old video

– 47. Make a movie of a dog training

– 48. Music lessons. Give guitar or piano lessons

– 49. Cook something and film it

– 50. Advertise your business

Click here for a list of free to use programs to make your own videos

Download here the 50 tips to create your own video for Youtube PDF

If you are planning to film yourself in a close-up and record a video, here are some extra tips.

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15 tips for effective public speaking on a video recording

– 1. SUBJECT – Make sure you know the subject well. Always work with a topic that you are really interested in. When you know exactly what you want to say, and you can talk about it in an enthusiastic way, it’s easier to convince people.

– 2. PRACTICE – Use all the attributes you expect to use during rehearsal, including your PowerPoint and your laser pointer. Make adjustments where necessary and try to get your ehhmmms under control. It’s very annoying when you are saying ehmm every other word.

– 3. MICROPHONE – Provide good material, the screencast program, and the microphone. When the sound is lousy, you probably have seen those videos, people are going to zap you away.

– 4. NERVES – Don’t say that you are nervous. Don’t say anything irrelevant. People are not interested in your personal fuss.

– 5. DISTURB – Make sure you are not disturbed. Telephone off, door locked. And report it to your housemates.

– 6. START – Start with a bang, flashing. Introduce yourself later in the video. You must first grab the attention.

– 7. YOU – The most important thing, be yourself. Don’t imitate anyone else.

– 8. CLOTHING – Is your clothing fitting your message? Do you look well cared for? Talk naturally and relax.

– 9. LAUGH – Look radiant and positive. Smile.

– 10. ARTICULATION – Talk clearly and civilized. And certainly, do not use street language.

– 11. STATIC – Use your hands, move naturally. Do not talk like a statue.

– 12. WATER – Drink a sip of water occasionally for a good voice. When you are a bit nervous, your mouth gets dry quickly.

– 13. CONTACT – Make eye contact, look into the camera. As you look at a person on the other side of the table. Constrain yourself. Don’t pick your ears, nose, and fix that annoying lock of hair.

– 14. PERSONAL – Talk to one person. Your video will be viewed by one person. So also talk to that person.

– 15. BACKGROUND – How is the background? Tidy and organized or a mess? I have seen videos of people who are claiming to make a lot of money online, but their clothing and background did not reflect that.

Be sure that your video reflects what you want to share!

Success making your own creative YouTube!

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