ADD A BANNER on top of every post

Most websites have advertisements in the left or right sidebar. In a lot of cases, they have one of AdSense on top of the post. But how to place your own banner on top, to advertise on your website, on every post you write.

This training is compatible with  WordPress websites.

Warning: Always copy your editor data into a notepad before changing anything!

Advertise on your Website

1. Go to your dashboard and click on appearances.

2. Open your editor.

3. Go on the right to Single Post (single.php)

Warning: Always copy your editor data into a notepad before changing anything!

4. Search the sentence I have placed below

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>

Advertise on your Website

5. Copy your favorite banner code, that can be any banner you want to advertise on your website. I have choosen for the Wealthy Affiliate University Banner.

Warning: Google will punish you for having lots and lots of affiliate links on your website, so I am going to adjust this affiliate code.

Banner on top 2

6. Use an existing blog or open a new test post, and paste your code there into the text editor. It is only temporally. I am going to “cut” it after editing.

7. When you have pasted the code, go over to the visual tab.

Avoid Google punishment

8. Click on the banner, and then on the link button.

9. Remove the existing link and place there your link to your advertisement post on your website.

Change affiliate banner

10.Change your banner into any link you want your visitor to go.

Change banner link

11. Change back to your text editor.

12. Cut your adjusted link, you can see I have changed the affiliate number into getting started.

adjust banner link

13. Go to the Single Post (single.php) in your editor.

14. Paste your new made code right behind the sentence:

<?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>  15. Update your file.  Warning:Be sure you have copied your editor data into a notepad before changing anything!

adjust banner link

16. When you hover over your banner, you can see on the left side under your link appear, click on it to check it out!

Banner on top 8



I hope you liked this tutorial, I was able to write this tutorial about

Advertise on your Website, Place a Banner on Top of Every Post

because of the great education, I follow on the Wealthy Affiliate University.

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