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You can do amazing things with images, directly online. You just need to download the Blink Cliplets app program. All the programs I used are free. I will explain to you how I made this profile image with moving background step-by-step.

movie roll icon 48

I often combine online programs, because sometimes they just do not create exactly what I want. So for this project, I used 5 different programs. DesignWizard, Pixlr.com/express, Pixlr.com/editor, Crello and Blink Cliplets.

The image I started out with:

Loes profile picture 6

I took that image over to Design Wizard, an online picture editor, free to use. 10 own picture uploads.

With this program, I added the transparent triangles.

The text is added on Pixlr.com/express

Loes webdesigner

I just love all those free to use programs, the next step is to go to Pixlr.com/editor to make the edges transparent. For that, you use the erase tool and put the settings on 200 and opacity on 20.

settings_pixlr opacity

This is the result of erasing the edges on Pixlr.com

Moving background profile picture Loes 1

Now we hop over to Crello to create the moving background. You can choose from a lot of different themes. I choose the water movement. You can only download this from Crello in MP4 format, that’s a video file, and I like to have this image as a GIF file.

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So, one more step to go. Blink Cliplets. That’s an app you can download and is able to convert MP4 files into gif files. This amazing app is ideal to create your own GIF’s to share on Social media, Whatapp, or on your website.

Blink Cliplets works as follow

  • Upload your video
  • Click on play
  • Add new layer
  • Select the whole video template with the filling tool
  • Set the timer at the bottom
  • Select the whole video on top
  • Download the Cliplet

Loes Animation 3 Blink Cliplet


With Blink Cliplets you can make parts of an image moving. They are called “Cinegraphics”. They look like this.

When you love to create visuals for your website or for social media, like me, you can visit my training page and for an amazing list of more awesome free website tools and programs click here.

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