Animated signatures
It is lovely to give your blog post a little personal touch by adding your own signature. I have found some free online to use animated name signature makers. And I will show you on this page what you can expect.

The first signature maker

On Animaatjes, you will find lots and lots of ready-made animated name gifs. Animaatjes is a dutch website, but I think you can find your name in the alphabet ūüôā besides the animated signatures you will find here thousands of animated gifs too.

Search your name and download

animated name Louiseanimated name Willemanimated name Loes

Attach your name to moving characters with this generator

Animated name Carlijn             name animation Zachary

Or attach your name to an image

name animation Mum and Maryname animation Dirk


The second signature maker

My Live Signature

When you want a more classical signature, you can go to my live signature. You can use the generator, but you also can write your own on the screen. You can choose different fonts, colors, backgrounds, and angles. Free, simple and easy!

Live signature Loes Knetsch  live signature Loes KnetschLive Signature

You have to look closely to the preview. In the first one is missing a piece from the h. In the second one, I added some extra space.

To write your own signature on screen is quite impossible with the mouse, so you need a tablet or phone with touchscreen and a special pen.

You can also scan your real signature and upload it at my live signature.
I recommend this tool highly when you want to make a professional looking signature.


The third signature maker

When you are looking for a more thematic letter type you can go to Cooltext. From Aladin to heavy metal. And from Disney to characters on fire.

Animated Name Signature MakersAnimated Name Signature MakersCooltext logos

The fourth signature maker

Thousands of animated gifs to attach your website name or signature to.

gif-mania signaturegif-mania signature birdGif-mania signature Debby

List of Animated Name Signature Makers Free online

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I wish you a lot of fun creating your own name

on one of these free

Animated Name Signature Makers

My signature of the cat is made by Heather, unfortunately she has stopped with her website.

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