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It’s so cute to make your own animated name signature. And it’s not so difficult to do this. There are free online programs you can use for this. I will show you a step-by-step guide to make your own awesome signature.

Loes Cat Animated signature

Here are some examples of animated signatures I made to show you which result you can get.


Robert car 1 Nathaniell beer mug James hawk
Marion horse Kyle tiger Carson retriever dog

How to make your own animated name signature?

I use a couple of free programs for this. I am quite fond of, both the editor and express. To create the gif file I use

I start to erase stuff on an image using Paint.

Step 1 – Find a suitable copyright free image

Step 2 – Get rid of the extra’s in Paint and find a suitable font to go with your image on

Step 3 – Resize your image +/- 300 px width in Paint again

bird animated name signature

Picture from Pixabay

training erase and add name for animated signature

Get rid of the extra’s and rearrange

training add animation to signature

Resize image

Step 4 – Take your image over to and use the want to make it transparent. Use the Shift key to select more areas and the Cntrl key to deselect.

  • Select with want
  • Invert selection
  • Copy
  • New image – check the both boxes
  • Save image 1 as PNG

Step 5 – Erase the eye and add a little stripe for a closed eye

Step 6 – Save image 2 as PNG

Step 7 – Load your 2 images up to, to get a delay in the moving eye you can upload the open eye several times.

animated name image transparent

Make a transparent background

animated name picture erase the eye

animated name picture erase the eye

gifmaker multiple images

Gifmaker multiple images

Step 8 – set the timer on 1000 ms

Step 9 – Create Gif Animation

Step 10 – Download your image

Heather bird name animation

When you are called Heather, you may use this image freely as your animated signature.

For more ideas to make animated name signatures, you can visit my other blog post  “Animated name signature makers” on this blog, I show you a list of online programs you can use to help you create your own animated signature.

I have used this for names, but you can also send your best regards or congratulations to someone with a self-made gif like this.

Let your business grow


Loes Knetsch Cat animated signature


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  1. Melinda says:

    These are really cool. I’ll have to create my own animated name signature. I think it would be great for branding on my website.

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