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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science about an object, which by nature is not intelligent, then to build in intelligent things, to make it possible the object starts thinking for itself. For many, AI still seems a long-way-from-your-bed-show, but is this also true?


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Artificial intelligence in games

AI is around for a long time, you probably have heard about the chess game of Kasparov versus Deep-Blue in 1997. Kasparov, worlds best chess player lost from a computer. Because enormous amounts of chess games were entered, the computer was able to calculate the best move. But that was all too. He couldn’t tell if a man or woman was playing against him.

By incorporating thousands of different options in video games, all options are an option. Until something gets stuck, we call it a bug. Then it is tinkered with and the game can go on.

AI does not stand still, it will be developed to perfection. Characters now adopt certain characteristics and they display unpredictable behavior to make it not too easy to play a game to the end.


Artificial intelligence in healthcare

It is an impossible task for people to process medical data for a quantity of yottabyte (1024) expected in 2020. Man will not succeed without the help of AI. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality will result in enormous quality improvement in medicine. Thanks to these developments, doctors can predict and even prevent disorders in the future.

Apps that monitor, register, and support remotely are no longer a story of the future.

Without AI technology, certain investigations would take months or years, while AI would dramatically shorten investigations. An example of this is the development of a drug for Ebola, which greatly reduces infectivity.

Google deals with many things and is a forerunner in the AI world. They have now developed an iris scan that can predict whether or not you will get heart problems later. The device is known under the name Verily


Artificial intelligence in cars

You will already have some in use, a reversing camera, automatic parking or an automatic braking system. And a few will have experience with the self-driving car. All further developments of AI.

With the help of sensors and cameras in the road network, they can also optimize traffic light timing to improve traffic flow and to help with automated enforcement.

Here too, Google has a finger in the porridge, with the function Google maps and the GPS system you are properly guided from A to B via AI.


Artificial intelligence and financial services

Voice-driven payment makes good progress. Amazon is making voice-driven payments possible. That is another step forward in scanning a Q code or paying with a swipe. Forgot your payment card? Sometimes you have other things on your mind than your payment card. No problem, because you can just pay with your phone at the checkout.


The Artificial intelligence security system

The change in identification is going very fast, and I don’t know if facial recognition is that good. To date, fingerprints, an iris scan or your DNA have been used. You have to give permission for all that. But only a photo is required for face recognition. A photograph can really be taken unnoticed by anyone. I am not very positive about this myself. I think this is not a good development and certainly not a watertight system.

Googles newest AI project. They have now developed an App where you can send in a picture of yourself, and then they supply an applicable poem on the picture. I am not sure if I want to do this, in view of my privacy and the delivery of my photo.

If you insist, you can find the app here


Artificial intelligence in modern warfare

How far do we want to go with warfare? We are already deploying AI with unmanned drones bombarding planned targets. What will future wars look like? Will systems then be shut down? Infrastructures under attack and entire societies disrupted with the help of AI? We should think about that. How do we survive without electricity, water, and transport? I think that the chances of survival at the moment are much higher in the Middle East and Africa than in the Western world

You should be more afraid of people who increasingly behave like robots, than robots who increasingly behave like humans Click To Tweet


Artificial intelligence and work

With the help of on-site cameras, visual recognition and information about objects and people, new software makes it possible to follow the work on the construction site in real time. This would allow automatic enforcement of policies and regulations. The new platform can control which employees are using the equipment and even knows which employees are certified to use the equipment. Through simple face recognition, this AI application can keep track of when the safety rules are exceeded and when someone causes danger to other employees.


Artificial intelligence in advertising

All the big ones on the internet are working on this. Google, Amazon, Apple, you name it. From personalized advertisements to user behavior. Everything we do on the internet is registered in one way or another. Where we come from and what our next move is. Where we shop and what we buy. And even offline, they track you down. You probably got a Google notification too to write a reference about the electric store you just left. And if you have a customer card, your purchases are registered too.

And when you are at home and open your email box, or play a game online, then you will be chased by coffee makers and vacuum cleaners.

AI is very smart and will combine everything you do online and offline.


Artificial intelligence in the shopping world

Have you ever seen the sorting department for packages at Amazon? A textbook example of AI in this industry. Let’s take a closer look.



Artificial intelligence in aviation

In aviation, we have seen in recent decades how the autopilot has made aviation safer and more efficient. But luckily we still don’t get on a plane without a human pilot. Only a few people know that human pilots have to intervene every day because automation does not do what it should do. The point is that a human pilot plus an autopilot together are much safer and better than each of those two separately.


Artificial intelligence for the home

Maybe you have them yourself, a coffee maker that you turn on with your telephone, a fully automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans your house while you do your shopping, or such a nice lawnmower. Then we have the smart TV, the Smartwatch and the Smart electric device with which you can turn up your heater before you get home using your Google GPS. And which toys do your children have? The doll Cayla, who can talk back through a remote system working with WIFI? Gaming consoles and tablets? It’s around us in more ways than you would think.

When you can not beat them, join them?

I say “NO” to that. Just like with normal things, such as, will I cross the street? Or buy a new car? With AI products you have to keep thinking about whether you want them and/or need them. For example, I recently received a letter about a smart electric device, and that they would install it. I thought, what do I need it for? I am very handy to raise or lower the thermostat. My house does not have to be heated remotely before I get home, and I check my consumption online now and then. So, no, I don’t need this. They do not need to know when I use my washing machine or when I have my coffee break. Or when I’m home anyway.


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