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The default Back Top Top button is so boring. But hey, we can do something about that! You can change the Back to Top button into any icon you want.

Rocket Icon 80

You can use any icon for your Back To Top button, I give you a couple you can use right away, but you can also create one yourself if you like. You can find great icons on

Icon Rocket-100 icon paper-plane-100 icon firework-100 icon dirigible-100 icon cupcake-with-a-berry-100 icon balloons-100 icons glyder 100

How To Create A Back To Top Icon?

  1. Go to and find a great icon
  2. Choose for a size of 96 – 128
  3. Upload the image to
  4. Resize the image to 100px
  5. Go to edit & free transformation, shift the image if needed
  6. Add text
  7. Save

When the text needs to be added to an angle, then you can create the text on a transparent background, that goes as follow

  1. Create new image on Size 70px by 50px, choose transparent
  2. Write your text
  3. Save
  4. Open your icon image from your computer
  5. Add the text as a layer
  6. Shift it into position by using free transformation
  7. Save image

You may use these 2


When you have created your smashing Back to the Top icon, you can upload this icon to your website media library and fill in the alt text. If you don’t fill in the alt text, the HTML widget will give an error, that the alt text is missing.

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Time for the Back to Top code

The code is added into a custom HTML widget

  1. Paste below code on a test post
  2. Select the part paste here your image URL
  3. Add media, choose your icon (with alt text)
  4. Copy the code
  5. Paste it into the sidebar or full-width footer widget area
  6. Save
  7. You now have an awesome Go to Top button

Back to Top Code

<a style=”display: scroll; position: fixed; bottom: 5px; right: 5px;” href=”#”><img src=”paste here your image URL” /></a>

Custom HTML widget code back to top button


You had already a Back to Top default button?

So, now there are 2 buttons displayed? Your awesome new icon and the boring Back to Top text button. Here is how you deactivate this boring button on your WordPress dashboard.

You can easily disable your Back to the Top default button in your CCsettings.

  1. Go to dashboard
  2. Appearance
  3. CC settings
  4. Advanced settings
  5. Un-check the box “enable scroll to top button”

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