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Most WordPress themes support to add a background image, you can add it to the customize area. The only problem is, that it will appear on every post or page.
How can you add background images on websites, to make it appear on just one post?

How To Make a Background Yourself

Background Images on Websites

At first you need a suitable picture. You can search for one on my other website, You can use one of my pictures for free. You can contact me in the comment area, and I will send you the original sized image by e-mail.
Background Images on Websites

Make suitable image in Pixlr Express

Background images on websites

My measures

My measure is 759px, that one is important, the length you can adjust to the post length. I have set it on 1550px

Write your post as usual

Add as last the html code into your editor

This is the code you need to paste.

<div style=”background-image:url(‘https://your-background-image.jpg’);width:759px;height:1550px;color:black;font-size:16px;”>
Here comes your total post + images

Replace the http://html.your-background-image.jpg with your own http://

and change the values of the pixels into your own data.
Background picture 9a

Now go to Pixlr Express, choose for “Collage” and follow the instructions.

Pixlr Express

Background picture 3

Background picture 4

Background picture 5

Background picture 6
ackground picture 6a

Background picture 7

I hope you liked this tutorial, success with making your own background image behind your blog post!

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