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Interview: Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer Like Nathaniell — 12 Comments

    • Thank you for the link to your blog, there are really good name ideas in it for food bloggers. My readers will appreciate it. Success with your website, Loes

  1. Thank You Loes for creating this post interviewing a very successful Marketer.  I think there is a lot of useful information on here as well as useful links.  Reminds me that all things are possible if you dare to try.  I like what was said about setting goals and putting in the word now and thanking yourself down the road.  Especially as you interviewed someone who has no previous experience in Affiliate Marketing.  He learned.  Others can do and follow that pattern to success.  Great post!

  2. This is a very encouraging success story. I too spend my money on written content because I want to make sure its professional and actually helping people. I really wish I could write my own stuff but it wouldn’t pass the bar in terms of quality. Its amazing that Nathaniel was able to make $10,000 and come home but its also possible if you put in the work and don’t procrastinate. And he is also right about making an impact, you can’t just write about what you ate for dinner the night before and expect to get a lot of people coming wanting to read about it. You have to help people . Also I like the realistic perspective of giving it 2 to 3 years to blossom. I am right now one year in and I don’t see much in terms of money but I know that the work I am putting in now will pay off in the the future. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer means not giving up and making good quality, helpful content staying focused in one niche and not swaying into other topics,  you need to be realistic and give it a few years to start attracting thousands of viewers ( considering you do SEO right ) in the end, the payoff can be really huge. That’s why doing all the work now is important. 

    • That’s so right Sophia, the right keywords is essential to score with your website. I wish you a lot of success and I hope you soon will see a breakthrough.


  3. Hi Loes,

    I love reading interviews about successful people and how they got there. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate 3 years ago (still can’t believe it was that long ago!) I’ve enjoyed reading Nathaniell’s posts and tutorials. I never knew his backstory so this was especially interesting. I know exactly what he meant about hating his earliest posts. Mine were cringeworthy too! His persistency and ability to pivot when necessary are key aspects that have helped him become successful no doubt. I want to try the beer recipe with orange and clove. It does sound perfect for the holidays. And I love the animated signature which you are so good at. Very cute!


    • Hi Erica, thank you! I recognize that part about my earliest posts too. I hadn’t discovered Grammarly yet. And my English grammar was really terrible. Cheers, enjoy your orange and clove beer with the Christmas days 🙂


  4. Hi Loes,

    Nice to see you have joined the brilliant Wealthy Affiliate community. It really is the best. Your vision is your goal to work towards. Never loose that vision. Wishing you all the success.

    • Thank you Katya, for learning the ropes about affiliate marketing the Wealthy Affiliate education is indeed the best, I wish you all the best with your online endeavors too 🙂

  5. Hey Loes,

    In order to be successful you have to be persistent.  I can’t stress that enough.  I personally, know how boring it can be when you’re not really making much income after 6-8 months of hard work.

    Nathaniel is so right about doing something you’re passionate about.  Otherwise after a couple months you will just give up.

    Do you have any tips that will help someone that is stressing because they haven’t made any decent money on a niche site?

    • Hi Garen, yes, as a matter of fact, I got some tips from Nathaniell the other day. He showed me I should invest more thought into my keyword searches. Don’t take just a keyword that ranks, but find keywords which make sense. Think like the Google searcher. What would YOU enter in the search box when you were looking for some product or service. And take it from there. I think that makes a lot of sense and can speed up your sales. When you haven’t made a sale yet, take a close look at your keywords and see if that’s the keyword you would use. Success!


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