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For those who don’t know, a selfie is a self-picture that you make with your cell phone. You don’t need to have extremely long arms for it. Just these helpful hints can provide you the perfect selfie.

16 tips to shoot the best selfie

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  • 1. Never take a picture of yourself straight from the front.
    That makes your face flat. A selfie from the front is definitely not complimenting. It will show your nose marginally big.
  • 2. Ensure you keep the camera a little above your head.
    Absolutely not from underneath, unless you go for the horror movie style. Give it a shot! A picture from slightly above, and a picture from slightly beneath your face. Do not be scared of the difference, you can always erase it. But it can differ, in your eyes, 10 years and 10 kilos. When you hold your phone too high, it can even make you look like a young lady/man, and I am not sure you want that.
  • 3. Use daylight.
    Natural light is the most complimenting. But do not stand in the bright sunlight, that creates huge insane shadows around your nose.
  • 4. Lower your chin a little bit.
    “Down? What? At that point, I have a double chin!
    Don’t worry, you just learned to take a picture from above, so, you will not see the chin. Don’t keep your head up, to avoid the chin part, that really looks silly. Put the chin down, for a powerful and confident look.
  • 5. Check your background.
    With a selfie, you are the VIP. But it is extra cool if you pay attention to your background. Look around you what else is in the picture. Your open closet is not what you want to show to the public. A quiet background with just a little color. Color can work incredibly well. Make sure that there is a color that suits your clothing, hair and skin tones.
  • 6. Turn off your flash.
    Flashlight from nearby is, in fact, incredibly unflattering. You don’t you want to look unflattering.
  • 7. Don’t shoot a duck face.
    For those who do not know: a duck face is such a photo where you suck your cheeks in and pout your lips. Just DON’T. You make yourself immortal ridiculous. Unless you are a teenage girl – then, of course, you can do everything. Don’t try to copy the Kim Kardashian-look. I would really look silly on you.
  • 8. Relaxzzzzz.
    Inhale, and especially exhale. Take a deep breath before taking the picture. And exhale very slowly and quietly.This provides instant relaxation in your face and the rest of your body. Repeat if necessary.
  • 9. Enjoy the process.
    Go and play and experiment with your camera. Find what works best for you. That is the great thing about digital photography: you can repeat it infinitely.
  • 10. Use a nice filter
    Everybody does it. Get your photo through a cool filter in for example use one of the amazing app programs I mention below. It can provide an incredibly beautiful extra effect.
  • 11. Use a selfie stick.
    The selfie stick is an extendable stick with a holder in which you can clamp your smartphone.
    Ideal, when you want to shoot yourself with an incredible background, such as the Tower of Pisa, then it’s best to use a stick.
  • 12. Use the self-timer.
    If you have to press a button while trembling, you are doomed to fail.
  • 13. Photograph your left side.
    Why this is, I do not know, but studies show that the left side of your face is more photogenic than the right side. Anyway, you have a great side and a mediocre side, choose the best one!
  • 14. Test different facial expressions.
    Here you can make a big difference between a good and an extraordinary selfie.
  • 15. Try a full body selfie.
    Put on your best outfit and use a little make-up, not too much, you do not want to look like a clown either.
  • 16. Make a group selfie.
    Also known as an ussie. What could be more fun than a picture of your entire friend’s club?

When you go to the Google play store for Apps you can find multiple great apps to edit your selfie picture.

In any case, remember, that in 10 or 20 years from now, you are grateful for the photos you took today!


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  1. Mona says:

    Hi Loes. Since I always fail miserably when taking photos of others, I refrain from taking selfies because I look like an alien coming from another planet. I thought what you look in the selfie is actually how you look for real, you know, you don’t want that look really. NOW I know the secrets of taking great selfies!! Now I know there is hope!. I went through each point to learn how to do it well and I will start practicing. The points I really need to work on are 1,2 ,4, 8, and 10. I will definitely need to use a filter regardless 🙂

    • Loes says:

      Hi Mona, the camera is very patient, unlike in the past, where I grew up, with old-school rolls in it and waiting a week for the results, you can try over and over again nowadays, success will be there, eventually;)! Give it a shot!


  2. Rachel says:

    Your first point totally tells me why my selfies look so ugly when my friends’ selfies look much prettier……

    Just because I took the selfie right in front of my face!!!!

    Well, no one had taught me before how to take selfies anyways, so I’m really glad that there are kind souls out there to save me from taking ugly selfies and ended up hating any photography sessions.

    Thank you Loes!

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