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When you want original and complete copyright-free pictures to share online or on your website, you have to shoot them yourself. And when you decide to do that, you often find the lightning is dreadful. Or you have a lot of junk in the background. That’s in the past. Not anymore!  I have collected a couple of portable studio lighting kits for you. So, you can create awesome pictures from now on!

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Why would you use a photo lighting studio?

A photo studio in the living room? You can! More and more amateur photographers are discovering studio photography, and for more and more people who have been involved in photography for some time, it is even a source of income. For less than a hundred euros, every amateur can take baby toddler photography photo lighting boxprofessional product photos, and it is also quickly packed and easy to carry.

This article shows you what you need to get started with mini photo box photography.

Using a photo box gives a much better light distribution for a more natural result. The portable studios are suitable for smaller objects, the latter is available in 150³ and would therefore also very suitable for baby/toddler photos.

My son has been photographed in a mini portable photo studio. You can make the most beautiful pictures of little kids in the 150³ studio photo box. All they needed was the compact photo studio, a background, a cushion, a bear and my son:). Isn’t he adorable? He’s 18 now, but I remember this day as if it was yesterday.

By placing the lighting in different angles you can experiment with light for special effects. And changing the background and adding accessories, can create amazing memorable pictures.

Portable photo lighting studios by Bol .com

  • Price (Price changes reserved), Size, and Accessories/ lamps.

Linkstar Storage box Set PBK-50 50×50

  • Foldable photo box
  • 2 x Continuous lamp 50W On tripod legs;
  • Camera Tripod PSH-SS;
  • 1 x Blue Background Cloth Synthetic;
  • 1 x White Background Cloth Synthetic;
  • Size: 50x50x50 cm

This foldable storage box is ideal for photographing smaller products, for example to place pictures on your website or advertisements on e.g. eBay. The recording box is foldable and easy to carry on location. The diffuse material is ideal for minimizing reflections and evenly distributing the light.


König folding mini photo studio

  • Foldable photo box
  • Camera stand
  • 2x light stands, 2x Lamp
  • 4x Background cloth
  • Size: 40x40x40 cm

This handy, folding photo studio comes with two lamps, four interchangeable background colors and a height-adjustable mini tripod. The nylon walls and lamps reduce the shine and brilliance of the photos. Even for an inexperienced photographer, it is now fairly easy to make beautiful, free-standing photos that are neatly illuminated and have the correct color ratio.


Beluga Foldable Mini Photo Studio

  • Foldable box with buttons
  • Cotton bag
  • Micro USB – USB cable
  • Background White
  • Background Black
  • LED light strip
  • Size: 20x20x20 cm

Have you ever wanted to take a nice photo of your product but did not succeed? With this folding mini photo studio, this is a thing of the past! You can build up your mini photo studio in seconds and make the perfect photo!

Ideal to take anywhere! Can easily be carried in a bag or in the supplied cotton cover with handle. The mini photo studio comes with a white and black background so you can let your product shine on the photo.

In the mini photo studio, an LED strip is processed so that your product is perfectly illuminated. The LED strip can be charged using the included USB cable. This can then be connected to an adapter, power bank or laptop.


Foldable Photo Tent

This foldable photo tent is available in the sizes:

  •  Photo Tent
  • No lighting
  • 150³ – 120³ – 90³ – 75³ – 50³ – 40³ – 30³
  • Pricing varies from € 36,95 to € 79,95

Ideal for product photography. Made of white diffuse material for a uniform light distribution. The inside and the background cloths are finished with a “flocking” material (velvet-like) that provides less reflection.

Provided with 4 background cloths (black, white, red and blue)

Foldable and stored in the supplied cover

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  1. Jody says:

    Hi Loes,

    I loved the layout of your page and the message of your post. The safest way to include photos in your website is to take your own. I was not aware it was possible to buy a studio lighting kit and use it to take your own photos. That is very interesting and something I will consider in the future of investing in once I start making money from this business.

    I have not taking many photos with a setting in mind. Do you have a natural talent for this or is this something you picked up over time? Did you take courses on how to take photographs? What would you recommend to a person starting out in taking photos?

    Really enjoyed your page and content. Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Proud papa of two,


    • Loes says:

      Hi Jody, I didn´t take any course, one thing I always watch out for is the background. I try to use the same background for every picture, and I use a tripod for my smartphone. To keep it as steady as possible. The clip from my selfie stick fits exactly on the tripod.

      Success taking great pictures, Loes

  2. Paul says:

    Dear Leos,

    Thanks for the post on “Best Portable Studio Lighting Kits”

    I got new insights from your post and realized the importance of portable photo lighting studio. Thanks for the four recommendation and providing the detailed information on Portable Studio Lighting Kits with varying price ranges which is a greater help.

    By having Portable photo lighting studio we can add more value to our pictures and its in affordable price. Thanks for the detailed and informative post.

    Your Son is so cute!

    Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,


    • Loes says:

      Thanks Paul, thank you, you’re welcome, those boxes are really affordable to anyone. My son is still cute, but doesn´t want to hear that anymore (he’s 18 now:)

      Success taking awesome pictures, Loes

  3. David says:

    Fantastic review. I was searching the web for lighting and came across your article. I have a tattoo website and had decided I want to start taking pictures myself of people with tattoos it just gets to hard to find copyright free tattoo images.I found without the right lighting and background for some reason tattoos give off a glare. I didn’t realize I could have a mini studio I can carry around that itself is worth the purchase. I’m so excited I found this article and can’t wait to give it a try. Thank you so much,


    • Loes says:

      When you are taking pictures of adults, David, a screen with lamps might be a better option for you, these boxes are really to small for that kind of photography.

      Tattoos is a very nice nice from which you can create awesome pictures.

      Success with your business, Loes

  4. Brian says:

    You are thinking to capture the greatest moments in life and later those moment have no price but you should focus on how much money would you get if you buy any of the photo boxes that you advertise to boost your sales. It’s really hard to make great photos of your products that you sell on your site. You need different sources of lights and even if you have them you don’t know how to place them. You can hire a photographer or if the camera is an extension of your hand, you can buy this photo box and make your own pictures. Great idea!​

  5. Nicki V says:

    This is so cool! i didn’t know you could buy a photo box and for pretty cheap as well!! I’ve been using free photos or stock photos for my site but I’ve been wanting to take my own photos of products and make them look a little more professional than what my phone can do.  I’m definitely going to look into buying one of these.  Which one do you suggest would be the best one to start off with if I’m just using it for small products?  And do you have any suggestions on cameras?

    • Loes says:

      Hi Nicki, I like the boxes with the separated lights the best, because I like to create shadows, you have less opportunity for that when they have in build lights.

      Success finding the best box for you, Loes

  6. James says:

    I’ve used the Konig folding mini for my website pictures and it does the trick. It definatley makes the photos look more finished and professional. Its best to use this if you have a small compact camera vs a big heavy one.

    Mine has 4 different backgrounds, black, red, white, and blue.  I use the white mostly, but every once in a while I use the blue.

    A word of caution – those lamps get pretty hot after a bit of use, so handle with care.

    You can’t go wrong with any of these, but you are serious about having good, professional looking photos, you need one of these.

    • Loes says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, James, the clip of my selfie stick fits on the old tripod of the SLR camera from my dad. So I can use a steady smartphone to take pictures. Sometime you can find an old tripod in the second hand store:)

      Success with your photography James


  7. The Moody Mom says:

    Loes,I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site this morning. I am actually heading to my sisters house for a photography lesson! I got an amazing camera for Christmas last year and have yet to use it! I would love to be able to take some great shots of my children, my food creations etc. I definitely would like to have some professional looking photos on to my website. Could you recommend a portable lighting kit that would work for my photography needs?

    I think they all look pretty great, but I am a total newbie to photography so I really do not know which one to choose. 



    • Loes says:

      Hi Montana, that’s great! A good camera is half of the work! for one, the size is important, some are really small. I would recommend one with lights on a tripod. You can use those in different angles. Build in lights are alright too, but I love pictures with shadow too. It does depend on your personal preferences:) These boxes are quite smal, you can get screens with tripod lights too. Perhaps that’s a better option, when you also want pictures of children.


  8. Stella says:

    This is an interesting niche, Loes…

    A camera is on my wish list, but a lighting kit would be useful too!  I can see myself using a small one as I do not need that much space.  I tend to take photos of juices, and smoothie recipes I make.  So far I have been getting away with using my smartphone, then emailing pictures to myself.

    I think a lightbox would definitely make a useful addition to someone who has a Youtube channel and does a lot of videos and editing.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Stella, a little light box would be great for photographing smoothies and fruits. I also use my smartphone a lot to email pictures to my computer, that works great. I have a tripod for my smartphone too, that alone makes the pictures much brighter.


  9. Lynne Huysamen says:

    Loes your son is gorgeous and that photo came out great, I’m not sure he would fit into that same photo box now at 18 years old? Thank you for this great article. Honestly photography is something that I desperately need to get into. I am mostly using stock photos for my websites but I also do influencer jobs and my photos are terrible! I’ve struggled with backgrounds and oh my word my lighting is always terrible. I have tried in the past to research what lights I need but I got so confused. This is such an amazing all in one solution that would really work for me. I would definitely go for one of the first two that come with the light box and the lights with stands. Then I don’t have to think and I get everything that I need. 

    • Loes says:

      Thanks Lynne:) Yes, he is a head taller than me, he definitely do not fit anymore. I sure would recommend one with light, then you are less affected by overexposure. Success, Loes

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