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Have you ever wondered if the layout from your blog has something to do with the SEO too? Whether your writing skills for your business could be improved? I wondered, and I found some practical tips to improve my blog. I learned that Google roughly looks at 5 elements on your web pages while the search engines are scanning your text. I really like to hear your opinion too, and perhaps you have some additional tips for me? When you understand the rules of the algorithms it becomes easy to work along with the engines of Google and Bing.

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Usually, we say: 1 picture says more than 1000 words. But for the search engines, it’s the other way around. A 1000 words say more to them than 1 picture. For them counts:

Text = Information

Why is the findability of your blog in the Google search bar important? Do I still have to explain that?

  • 98% of internet users use search engines to find information.
  • 85% of people think that on page #1 are the top-notch pages.
  • 90% never looks beyond the first result page.
  • Google has a 90.14% market share.

(Bing 3.24%, Baidu 3.24%, Yahoo 2.08%, YANDEX 0.62%, Shenma 0.58%)

SEO is not difficult, but you can not start typing haphazardly. To make your website SEO friendly, you have to comply with a number of SEO rules. If you don’t do that, all your work has been for nothing and Google kicks you out of the engine search. And you really don’t want to be ignored by Google.

First of all, you have to make sure that you have written the title with the right keywords. You do not choose keywords yourself, for that you use an algorithm tool. A keyword research tool. There are many of those tools online, some will give you a free try out. I always use Jaaxy for my keyword research. It is important that you include the popular search terms in your title. Do you want to know how you do that? Take a look at this simple YouTube of Matt Cuts, Google’s own SEO expert, and you will write a perfect SEO title!

Elements of Google SEO

  1. URL of the page
  2. Title tag
  3. Headings (H1, H2 and so on)
  4. Fat words
  5. ‘Ordinary’ text

Structure of your post, the information pyramid

Content pyramid Google

Information pyramid


1. The URL of the post

With on top the URL Better Business Writing Skills – followed by the title, the headings, bold words and finally the ordinary text.

2. The blog title

Summarize the core of your story in the title

My title: Better Business Writing Skills Practical SEO Tips Without Technical Hassle

This summarizes this post, make your blog interesting for the search engines by playing by the rules of Google.

3. Tools to make text easier to scan


underlined (The code for <u>underlined</u> text, you put that in the text tab)

highlighted (The code for <mark>highlighted</mark> tex, you put that in the text tab)


underlined, and highlighted text makes it easy for your readers to scan the page, but also for Google to pick out the words which are important for the post.

4. Bold words

If you want to emphasize something for your visitor while writing, you can use bold words, so your visitor’s attention is drawn to it. Everything to make it an enjoyable read for your visitor.

Make, beside bold words also use of:

  • Highlighted keywords
  • Informative intermediate heads
  • Enumerations
  • One topic per paragraph
  • Seamlessly written text
  • Colored links

5. The ordinary text

Your text should be easy to read, without writing errors, and at least 300 words. 300 words is the bare minimum and could be skipped by Google for indexing. For Google, your text starts to become of interesting when it contains 750 words or higher.

Here is a guideline for the number of words for your blog:

Chart blog content

How many words should a blog have?

Informative intro text and description

How to write a good intro text? What do you want to reach with your introduction? You want your visitors to stay on your website and read your article.

There are 3 things you can put in your intro text

  1. Show empathy for your reader
  2. Tickle their curiosity
  3. Start a conversation

This is my introduction text of this blog

Show empathy for your reader

Where do I show empathy?

Whether your writing skills for your business could be improved?

Tickle their curiosity

With questions and suggestions, you can tickle your visitor’s curiosity

Have you ever wondered if the layout from your blog has something to do with the SEO too? I wondered, and I found some practical tips to improve my blog.

Start a conversation

Ask for help, an opinion, tips or additional info. When you ask questions about your blog text, and people want to engage, they first have to read your blog before they can answer the question.

I really like to hear your opinion too, and perhaps you have some additional tips for me?

Seamlessly written

The biggest mistake people make by writing web texts are writing errors. Just stupid mistakes. But also copied texts from Google translate, just to get content on their website. I do not know how you think about that, but I think that’s pretty annoying. Google does its best, but we all know that you can get very strange looking sentences. I do know that my English isn’t perfect, I am not a native English speaker, but I do my utmost best to create unique readable content. Luckily, for us, not native English speakers, the Grammarly app exists. Wonderful and awesome help! Also to native English speakers, because I know that you become a kind of text blind after a couple of hours typing.

Who are you writing for?

What is the reason, why you write on a website? That can be for several reasons.

  • You like writing
  • You want to help others
  • You are obsessed with a subject
  • You want to earn money online
  • You want to share your knowledge

You probably have a combination of these, I know I have. I like to write, to share and in a way, I am a bit obsessed ;), and I like it when I earn some money, who doesn’t! When you make your site primarily for your reader, with good textual content, you’ll see, people love to visit your website. When you are solely writing for your own gain, it might become a bit of a disappointment. People can smell from a distance that you are in it for the gain. And of course, you want to make some money from your blog, but the intention of your blog must be helpful and written for your readers.

Googles thinking

In general terms, Google recommends that you make your website primarily for the visitor, write clear, correct content, clearly structured, well organized, and use the words that people search for. Google also says that you can better use text instead of images for buttons, names of people or other important information. But if you use images, photo’s, and graphics add a descriptive title and ALT tags.

On one of my previous blog, I ignored the guidance of Google totally. I wrote a blog about buttons, and I replaced all H3 headings for buttons. That fitted in very well, but technically not suitable for every blog.

I have written an ebook with 25 points to check before you hit the publish button, you can download it here for free.

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  1. sai krishna says:

    Nice blog, Thanks for sharing valuable information with useful tips, Digital marketing strategy is essential growing your business. Start with a well thought out plan for your website to gain marketing success. Please keep updating.

  2. rmjia says:

    Hi, Loes. Your Google SEO tips is very helpful, easy to understand and straightforward. I have always been interested in improving my SEO and still finding my way around. Will improve further with your tips and hope to see better results. Just wondering if these tips applies for other Google categories such as Videos, Images, and News as well. Thank you for sharing these practical tips!

    • Loes says:

      Hi, you’re welcome, you can take a look here for some Youtube SEO tips, for images, you should add the alt tags and descriptions. I am not familiar with the SEO rules for News. 

      Thank you for your comment, have a great day, Loes

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