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Black Friday History Facts and the Rise of Cyber Monday — 4 Comments

  1. What an interesting insight into how black Friday started I remember it back to when I was a kid in the 70’s but it has gotten soo much bigger since than! That Wealthy Affiliate offer is the best sounding black Friday deal I have seen what better time to invest in yourself than now!! 

    • Thanks Cathy, I think it’s a great investment in self development, never in my life I have learned so many new things before with so much pleasure. I truly love the course and the Wealthy Affiliate community.


  2. Hailing from Australia, it’s great to read about the history of Black Friday & Cyber Monday. It’s only in the last few years that Black Friday sales have really entered into the Australian retail scene – most likely as a result of online shopping. In Australia, the mad rush for bargains happens on Boxing Day with people lining up at stores in the early morning. Though now that Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are picking up in popularity here, the Boxing Day sales are not as popular. 

    The Black Friday offer from Wealthy Affiliate is such a good deal – I really need to see if I can swing the funds for it!

    • Great offer indeed! I am taking up this offer for the 4th year, but I remember my first time, not making any money yet, I asked my family to surprise me with an early birthday gift, my birthday is in February, and they all chimed in, so I was able to pay the awesome low pricing of 299 for a whole year. Ever since, I make money enough to cover the memberships fee. Might be a great way to go for you too.


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