Blog Marketing on Youtube the new way of marketing

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Blog Marketing On YouTube,

The New Way of Marketing

Video marketing has the future. More and more people are using Youtube and Vimeo. So, why not use this also to promote your blog?


According to Youtube, there are over a billion users, click here to read what Youtube has registered.

125+ Amazing Youtube statistics 

Youtube facts 2016

How to market your blog on Youtube

Step 1 Write a stunning blog

Step 2 Add suitable pictures, on Pixabay are the most beautiful images to find.

Step 3 Make the pictures Youtube size


Make your pictures Youtube sizes

Step 4 Come up with some creative catchy slogans, you can use MS paint to add text.

Step 5 Make a slide show in Windows live video maker and add transitions and special effects or go to where you can use animated slides and you can upload your own blog pictures too.

* When you scroll down you find a video made in windows live video maker and one made on Biteable.

Step 6 Add some nice music, you can find royalty free music 0n Audionautix

Step 7 Save the file and upload your video to your Youtube channel. You need, of course, to create a Youtube channel first.

Step 8 When your video is on Youtube you can edit annotations and spotlights are the ones you really want to add and a chart.

When you have a website, a blog, a small business or a shop, you have to market yourself on Youtube. A video has the future. 81.9% of the teens are using Youtube on a daily base. 43% of the baby boomers are active on Youtube. And the average time people spent on Youtube daily is 40 minutes. Only 9% of the small business group is using Youtube for advertising.

Global ad revenue is huge! $4.28 billion!

Get a piece of the pie now!

Video made on


Video made on Windows Live Video Maker


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