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Blur the background of images in just a few seconds with the online program Facepixelizer.
Sometimes you just want to have a part of a picture and you want to lose the ‘background’ or blur a face. There are the necessary programs that can do this but they are generally expensive, laborious, and time-consuming. Now there is a very simple and super fast website program that can do this, Facepixelizer.

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Besides the blurring part, I will also show you how to write text on an image. Another great program, free online to use, is called Pixlr/express. You can do awesome photo editing on Pixlr.

Blurring and adding handwritten text

Let’s start editing an image of me.
Here is my original picture.

Loes, IJsselmeer, Dijk, Nederland


It’s me, photographed on a lovely sunny day on a dike at the coast of the IJsselmeer in the Netherland.

IJsselmeer: a shallow lake in the northwestern Netherlands that was created in 1932 when a dam was built across the entrance to the old Zuider Zee. Large areas have since been reclaimed as polders.

We start with Pixlr/express

Take a look at how to add our own text to a photo

  • Click on browse
  • Upload image
  • Click on Ta Type
  • Choose letter type
  • Add text
  • Click on save

add text to image


Now we take the image into Facepixelizer

Via ‘drag and drop’ you place an image on the site of Facepixelizer

  • You choose for pixels or blur
  • Manually
  • Size

Start blurring any part you like, when you don’t like the result, just click on revert and start over again.


– You select the part of the image you want to blur. Be creative with the size. When you blur from min to max, you get a fluently blurred image. The program immediately gives you a view of how it will subsequently look.

You save the edited image directly into your folder.

Switch back and forward

I have the habit to switch back and forward to the different programs, blur, add text, blur etc.

These two programs are really easy and fantastic to work with.

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  1. Simon Watson says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to blur faces online. I was using Monosnap, although it quit working some months ago. Since then, I have been using the “Snipping Tool”. However, this looks worth a shot. Thank Loes 🙂

    Simon W.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Simon!
      My name is Mike, and I’m from Monosnap Team. Could you please contact us so we can try to fix your problem?
      Or you can try to re-install Monosnap, usually it helps when something strange happens.

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