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Your title is the first thing what people read and should be catchy. For all I know, you want people to click it and read your blog.
Here are the 5 best tips for you to write stunning awesome titles. The amount of characters is also important. Your title should be between the 40 and 70 characters. And consist of 5 to 10 words. The best titles have 6-7 words.

Breaking News On Headlines 5 Best Tips Ever Online has:
65 characters.
1 number.
8 words.

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Breaking News On Headlines







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Breaking News On Headlines Is A Winner

5 tips to write awesome titles for your blog post.

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1# What’s to gain?

Use terms as: “Breaking news, steps to gain…, easy to follow…., Unhealthy ways to lose weight”
Will tickle your readers.

2# Use numbers

5 steps to gain…, 7 easy to follow…., 3 worst tips to lose weight, 5 best tips to….
Keep the number as low as possible, better to catch attention with 5 best tips than 89 best tips.
Numbers are very popular

3# Use of language

Strong verbs will activate emotions.
Breaking, surprising, amazing, rocking, funniest, awesome, easy, free, the, but also worst way to…, stupidest things …, dumbest actions…., failing,….the ugly truth,…
Inspire to learn and use words as: “Introduction, DIY, Beginners, Guide to…..”

4# Give a sense of urgency

Breaking news, need to…, today, start now, …
The feeling they are going to miss something when they are not handling directly.

5# Use the 5 W’s

Who, what, where, when, why?

Who: Headlines
What: 5 best tips
Where: Online
When: Ever
Why: Breaking news

Breaking News On Headlines 5 Best Tips Ever Online

The best way to write your title.

  • Write rather The best way instead of A great way
  • Be controversial, people will be triggered to click when you write, 3 complaints about… or Why … failing.
  • Capitalize all your title words.
  • Create a terrific feature image for sharing your blog post on Social Media.
  • Stay genuine, your title has to cover the content always.
  • Speak directly to your visitors. Have you ever thought of….
  • Pay attention to the subheadlines too, people are tempted to screen your blog post.

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