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This awesome tool can bring your content to life. It is now possible, for a layman, to create great visual infographics. You can use Genially for presentations, ad banners, infographics, you name it, any image you want to display more lively.


Genially Review

Name: Genially

Price: Plans (Free to 79,15 a month)

Community: Facebook

Social Media: Twitter

Community: +1.000.000

Active countries: +190

Total views: +65.000.000

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100*

*I have tried to contact the Genially support team several times, they are quick in response, but not answering any of my questions, and they are very Spanish. Although I asked my questions in the English language, they remain stuck answering back in Spanish, that’s where they lose 2 points.

What is “Genially?”

Genially is on online to use service to create awesome visual images, infographics, and interactive content. They have 4 different plans for professional use and 4 different plans for educational use. The features are the same, the pricing differs.

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The free plan provides:

  • Unlimited creations
  • Unlimited views
  • All the FREE graphics resources and templates
  • Your creation is public
  • You can only use free templates (but there are a lot of them)
  • You can make use of the resource gallery
  • You get the standard support

The premium plans

Of course, with a premium (paid for) plan, you will receive much more. Those plans vary from 7,49/mth to 79,15/mth.

Besides the usual free options, you can make use of more linking options, better support, even design support. The Genially logo will be removed, and you can make use of your own logo. Also, the font colors and images can be changed. You are able to change the extension and download PDF’s. They also provide statistics and behavior of your visitors. And of course, you will have access to all premium content which is very much present. The premium packages for the master and team plans also provide advanced training.

No matter which plan you follow, you can always access your creations. You can upgrade and downgrade anytime. And you are allowed to use your creations for commercial use as well.

Change of plans

Next, to the 4 plans, they are offering, you can contact them to make adjustments and ask for a more personalized plan. For non-profit organizations, they have also special prizes.

Who is it for?


Corporations can create stunning articles, infographics and interactive images in minutes.

Journalists and bloggers can enrich their content with puzzles, quizzes, and maps without having any experience.

Teachers can create amazing interactive presentations to impress and inspire their students.

Designers will be dumbfounded to see how easily they can create their visual content.

Example 1; take a picture!


Boring content is a thing of the past

From today everything will change for you. From now on you are going to create great interactive and animated images. Animation has the future. With animated content, you will stand out from the crowd.

The Genially team

The Genially team is composed of designers, educators, marketers, biologists, programmers, communicators, engineers, architects… all creative minds who want to make the online world amazing attractive.

You have to see it, to believe it!


I have made a couple of examples to share with you.

What can you create with Genially?

What can you create with Genially

Example 2; Click the arrow, follow the links

Example 3; Click anywhere on the infographic


Example 4; A little quiz, how much do you know about Europe? Any teacher will love this!


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