Call to action arrows for on your website

When you are asking someone directions where to go, most people will not stand still with their hands in their pockets. No, they are always pointing in the direction where to go. On a website, you can direct also your customers to the right turn. You can place arrows on strategic places. But how can you easily make that call to action arrows?

These are the arrows am I talking about.

How can you insert this call to action arrows in the correct place?

At first, you need to find copyright free arrows. You can find arrow icons on Icon Archive and on Pixabay

In another tutorial, I have written about how to make the background transparent. You need a transparent background.

Some arrows have that already. But wen they haven’t a transparent background, you can make that on

call to action

Always look for the Commercial free to use images! Very important!

call to action

 This is the way how to create space for the call to action arrow.

call to action

And now we are going to make a screenshot from that space.

call to action

This screenshot we are uploading to Pixlr, a free online photo editor.

call to action

1. Open image from computer.

2. Go to layer, add arrow image as a layer.

3. Go to edit, free transform.

4. Rotate and crop your arrow and save.

5. Add text if you want.

6. Cut the text and arrow.

7. Save your picture.

8. Add your image right into the space we have created!

arrow 17

Here is the LIVE-SHOW

 I have made an anchor link  to the arrow on the gadget page

I hope you liked this tutorial.

 “Call to action arrows for you website”

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Call to action

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