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Call to Action Buttons and Badges DIY — 18 Comments

  1. Loes,

    I have been looking for ways of creating and personalizing call to actions buttons for a while now, and I am glad I landed in your webpage. You make it simple and comprehensive, and now I am ready to implement them on my website. Thank you for this amazing tutorial!

    • Hi Juan, glad I could be of help to you, success implementing your new made buttons on your website, kind regards, Loes

  2. Thanks Loes! These buttons are exactly what I need for my website. I know from my own experience that without buttons like these I don’t even notice most of the links. Just one question though: how do you associate links with these buttons? I cannot find the answer on the ImageFu website.

    • Hi Dan, when you have made the button, you download it to your computer, and upload it as an image to your website, then you can add any link to it with the little paperclip shaped link button, success! When you have further questions, let me know:) I wish you health&wealth for 2016, kind regards, Loes

  3. Wow,, Loes, You sure know about the best tools. And they fact that this one is free is even better. I love free! I have more reading to do on your site. I never thought of making buttons for call to actions. Great advice and I can’t wait to see what you can teach me next!

  4. Hi Loes,
    Great Job! I pinned this to my home page. I definitely could use some buttons on my pages. Everyone says my site is so clean looking. I need something people will remember. This site of yours will definitely do the trick. I will be going there soon and begin making buttons. Do you have buttons on all your pages or just a few? I don’t want to over do it. Thanks Vicky

    • Hi Vicky, thanks, yes buttons are a really visible call to action, I do have call to action on most posts and pages, but they are all kind of different, sometimes it’s a banner, and sometimes a button, success with creating your own, have a nice day, Loes

  5. Hello Loes,
    I have been looking for this for quite some time, I have so much to do with my site and I need some call to action buttons.
    I like the ease of it and I will be going over to Imagefu as soon as I get done with this comment.
    I didn’t push the button, I resisted temptation and let it rest. Where does it go?


    • Hi San,aha, I think you have to come back and find out for yourself 🙂 don’t worry, you can get out of there:) I hope you have a great time to create your own buttons:) Loes

  6. Hi Loes, the first thing I did when I entered this post was to bookmark it. I really needed this. I realized recently that my pages are dull and my call to actions look really miserable. So I have been in search for a post like this.

    I like what you present here and plan to explore it and implement into my two sites.

    One thing you will not like to hear: I hate this pop-op, but I am aware of what is claimed on the Internet that it is an effective tool. For me, the only thing I look for when I see it is how to close it. Sorry for expressing my negative view.

    Otherwise your site looks like a gold mine to me. Thank you.

    • Hello Jovo, thank you for your compliments, I appreciate those very much. Hmm and the popup, I have made the settings every visitor gets it only once, hope you can handle that:) Have a nice day 🙂 Loes

  7. Great site! Love the information on the call to action buttons and badges. I’ve taken not of the free website and have perused the rest of your site. Lots of great information which I find extremely valuable. I like the images depicting the various call to action buttons and badges available, as well.

    • Thank you Natalie, very nice to hear you enjoyed visiting my website, I wish you a lot of success creating your own badges and buttons:) Greetings Loes

  8. Thanks for passing along this great info! I have been making my own buttons by finding an image of a button and then using paint to edit it with my own text. It is very very time consuming. I can’t wait to check out the website and start making my own buttons!

    • Hi Tanya, this is a real easy website to make great call to action buttons in lots of different forms and colors, much easier than in paint, glad I could point it out to you, greetings Loes

  9. A great tool to impliment on your call to action buttons. I will definitely be using this tool. I Like the idea you can personalized them and even add a line text. That would really great to get some trigger happy fingers to click on your link.lol.

    I glad I came across this information, to make my call to action buttons more attractive. Thank you Loes for sharing this tool with us. Do you proposed to add them in all of you post? or just a few?


    • Hi Bishop, nice to see you here:) you can make all kind of call to action buttons, click here, join now, read more, just use what fits best to your post, I am quite a bit curious, did you pushed the button?


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