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Can you get wifi in the car? The urge to be online anytime and anywhere is bigger than ever. This is one of the reasons why we can hardly get into the car without the Internet. And fortunately, by using one of the following solutions, you don’t have to. The ideal solution for long holiday journeys with children in the back seat.


How it used to be

I remember very well that my parents, with 4 daughters in the back seat, drove from the Netherlands to Hungary. We all invented games with license plates. And we did: “I see, I see what you don’t see, and the color is … red, we did not have tablets or mobile phones, we had a holiday book with puzzles and magnetic mini-games. No AIRCO in the car, only AWCO (all windows can open). How happy we were to arrive at the destination at last.

Nowadays we have car built-in equipment

In the newer cars, you can often use all kinds of app’s that are in the car. Think of apps with which you can find points of interest via your navigation to get more information about it immediately. Some cars have a browser that allows you to use the internet just like at home on the computer. And almost all new cars have the ability to listen to internet radio and some even have a Spotify app. But we still do not all own a new car. Luckily, all these new devices exist and can be built in!

Older car DIY built-in equipment

The newest cars do have appliances build in. But when you own an older car, you can build in MiFi yourself. This blog is about the opportunities you have to connect, your car, camper, or camping place wirelessly, to your WiFi home network or to a WiFi hotspot.

Take your WiFi with you with a MiFi router

By using a MiFi router you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot wherever you are. This makes the MiFi router the ideal solution for having Internet on the road. To use this handy device you only need a data SIM card. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to use cabling with MiFi routers. There are also models with a USB port that have a built-in power bank. Important to remember is that MiFi routers have a battery and therefore have to be charged regularly. MiFi routers can allow up to 15/20 devices to connect to the network, so all passengers can use it.

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Connect your car to the CarFilaptop wifi outdoor

A MiFi router that deserves to be highlighted is the CarFi from Huawei. What makes this device unique is the way of connecting, this happens through the cigarette lighter of your car. This has the advantage that this device is connected to the battery of your car. This means that you no longer have to worry about an empty battery. In addition, the CarFi functions work in the same way as the majority of the MiFi routers. For example, you only need a SIM card to use the CarFi, you can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously and it is possible to charge other devices via the USB port.

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Create a Wi-Fi hotspot with a Dongle

Does your car not have a cigarette lighter, but does it have a USB port? Then you can easily add the wifi functionality to your car by using a wifi dongle. For this, you only need to plug the dongle into the USB port. Even without a USB port, you can use the dongle, namely by connecting it to a car charger. Be careful with ordering a random Dongel. Not every Dongel has a support function for a router.

Read more about the mobile internet modem Dongle 4G LTE Huawei e398u
Switches between different 3g and 4g networks to maintain the best internet connection anywhere


Wifi at the campsite

For many, having good wifi is an essential part of a successful holiday. Are you such a person, but do you (practically) have no connection at the campsite or in the port? Then take a look at the following tips.

Setting up your own hotspot

With a MiFi router, also called 3G / 4G router or mobile router, you can use your mobile data connection and set up a Wi-Fi hotspot for 10 to 15 devices. These portable routers get the mobile data connection via the SIM card and then send a WiFi signal. MiFi routers use a powerful internal battery so that many models can save up to 10 to 12 hours without external power. In addition to a SIM card slot, some MiFi routers also contain an SD card slot. This makes it possible to exchange files directly. And thanks to the new European regulations, MiFi routers have been an advantageous solution, handy and cheap. Telecom providers in Europe have no longer been able to charge roaming charges for mobile internet. For example, use your regular bundle abroad by removing the SIM card from your phone and plugging it into your MiFi router. You can, of course, also continue to use a prepaid SIM card.

Expand an existing hotspot

If you have wireless coverage, but the reception is not sufficient for your network needs, a WiFi amplifier can offer the right solution. This handy device picks up the Wi-Fi signal from a (modem) router and then extends it to the places where you miss reception. To use a WiFi amplifier you have to pay attention to two things: first, there must be a socket to plug in the amplifier. Then the amplifier must be placed in a location where there is still

telephone box

Telephone box

reach. Otherwise, the device can not pick up any signal at all and therefore can not expand anything. There are also special outdoor models such as the Sitecom WLX-2100. These WiFi amplifiers have a weather-resistant design and receive power via the network cable. This means they are not dependent on a power outlet and you can also mount them outside.

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Times have changed

Children can be kept busy and quiet during long trips, with the newest movies, YouTube and online games. They can play games with their friends at home on the road. In the old days, when we went on a holiday, we were totally disconnected from the home front. We had to find a pay-phone-box abroad to get in contact. That also gave a special feeling of freedom. Just away from all worries and no contact at all. We were not afraid that we missed something, the feeling of freedom was unprecedented. We drove into unknown territory, and the abroad vacations were curiously exhilarating.

You can read more about other devices here


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  1. Becky says:

    Hi Loes,

    Thanks for the great post! I hope my daughter never reads it because she will neve want to step foot into the car again with out a Mifi router!

    Carfi and Dongle both seem pretty great, especially Dongle because it uses the cars battery to operate.

    I will definitely check them all out and see which one works best for my family.


    • Loes says:

      You’re welcome, Becky, it’s ideal for long drives and when you are having a holiday, within a few years, maybe even sooner, every car will have this as standard equipment. So your grandchildren will be the lucky ones:)

      Kind regards, Loes

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