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This is really funny Mouse pointer image 25 Do you know you can change your mouse pointer image in any image you like? I choose for the Mickey Mouse image. But you can choose a pencil cursor icon 30 or for a website earth icon 30 or even for a mouse pointer cupcake-30

Car icon 48

Installing a plugin

To make this work, you need to add a little script into the head file.

To do this safely I first installed a plugin called “Header and footer scripts”.

  1. Go to plugins
  2. Add new
  3. Search for “Header and Footer Script
  4. Check if it’s compatible
  5. Install
  6. Activate

This is how it looks like:


Always check first if the plugin you want to install is compatible with your WordPress version. If not, you might have to update your version. If that doesn’t help, search for another plugin.

Activating and using the Header and Footer Script plugin

Now you can safely add scripts into your header. Also very useful to verify things. Companies as Google and merchants often ask you to add scripts into the header or into the body of your website. This plugin does prevent you to go into the editor. Very convenient!

mouse pointer image script

Change Mouse Pointer Image

As you can see in the above-placed image, I have added the script for the mouse pointer image into the header area of the Header and Footer plugin. Once installed you can find it on your WordPress dashboard under the tab “Settings”.

Mouse Pointer Image Code

This little code makes your mouse point irresistible:)

  1. <style type="text/css">
  2. body, html {
  3. cursor: url(imagelinkhere.gif), auto;
  4. }
  5. </style>

Copy this code, without the 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. and paste it into your plugin header and change the image URL! Then save!

Isn’t this FUNNY. I just Mouse pointer heart image 30 it!

Have you ever had a fly landing on your screen, and wanted to scare it away with your cursor? Click To Tweet

Fly swatter

What you need to get a customized mouse pointer image

  1. The “Header and Footer Script” plugin
  2. An amazing appropriate icon of 25px by 25 px, you can get that here at
  3. Is the icon too big? You can change the measures easily at Open the image from your computer, choose for resize and save as PNG (to keep it transparent).
  4. The little script.


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