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It’s important you have everything checked on your blog post before you hit the publish button. Therefore, I have created a checklist.

Checklist for your post before hit the publish button

You can copy and print this checklist for your blog post for your own benefit!

SEO Check List


1. Does the keyword/keyphrase appear in the URL for this page?

2. Does the keyword/keyphrase appear in subheading H2 in the copy?

3. Has 1 image on this page an alt tag with the target keyword/keyphrase?

4. Have you placed at least one outbound link? A link to another website?

5. Does the keyword/keyphrase appear in the first paragraph of the copy?

6. Keyword density is not that important anymore. Natural writing is. Use the words of your keyword phrase in a natural way throughout your post.

7. Has the page title your keyword phrase at the beginning?

8. Is the page title more than 40 characters and less than 70 character limit? (mine here is 69 characters)

9. When you fill in the meta description. How does it compare to the competition? Could it be made more appealing?

10.Has the meta description the primary keyword/keyphrase?

11.Is your copy more than the 300 word recommended minimum?

12. Is your keyword phrase unique, have you never used it before?

13. Have you placed appropriate internal links?

14. Did you add a call to action? A read more, a click here, a please share? Anything that activates your visitors to do something?

15. Are your subtitles appealing? People have the habit to screen a page. Are they interested to read further? Are the main points easy to identify?

16. Have you checked your grammar? Have you read through the post? You can check your grammar on Grammarly

17. Did you give credit to any research sources you used? And pictures you’ve used?

18. Did you check that all your links work?

19. Are you using categories? Is your post in the right one?

20. Did you fill in some tags?

21. Did you add a feature image?

22. Did you use Heading, subheadings properly? H1 for the title, H2 for the keyword/ keyphrase, H3-H6 for sub headings?

23. Do you have your first image above the fold? So your visitors will see an image in the first viewing screen?

24. Did you optimize your post with visuals? Using images and perhaps an appropriate video? And did you resize your images?

25. You are ready to publish, share your post on every social media of which you have an account.

25 points before you hit the publish button

25 points before you hit the publish button

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Success writing your next article and hope you are going to use this checklist for your blog post!


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