Convert word doc- pdf file

How you can create, in an easy way, your own PDF files and use them on your website.

I am using the free version of Open Office Writer on my computer, which supports this function. But I am pretty sure MS Office does convert Word documents into PDF’s too. There are free online converter versions too, but I like to keep it all in the house:) So I am always searching for ways to do it myself. Besides that, it is so much fun to tell your friend, that you have created effects all by yourself!

Convert word document PDF file.

When you do not have MS Word or some other Word program on your computer, you can download Apache Open Office for free.

Apache Open Office

~1 Create word document.

I am sorry my open office writer is in Dutch, but I think you can understand the meaning by looking at the picture.

I think the words on your English program will be “export as PDF”.

Convert word document pdf file


Convert word document PDF file.

~2 Add target_blanc.

When you have created your document, you can export it as a PDF file and save it on your computer.

This file you get is opening in the same tab, so we have to add a target_blank command to it.

This is the way how to add a target_blank to a PDF file:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>WA pdf</a>


Convert word document PDF file.

~3 Import your PDF on your web page.

When you have added the PDF by using add media, you have to keep the settings on:

Convert word document pdf file

Fill in the target_blank code in the text tab.

Now your PDF is ready to use for your customers 🙂

Here you can see my first WA pdf

The pictures I used on the PDF are created in the free online editor Canva (be sure you delete the MONKEY)

Canva design

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  1. NemiraB says:

    Hello Loes, I am fascinated with your website. It is a real virtual library how to survive and prosper in this virtual world. I wonder about PDF format? Where is best to use it? It is just for printing or for better view of content? All the best, regards, Nemira

    • Loes says:

      Hi Nemira, thanks for dropping by and for your nice reply, to answer your question, pdf’s are in several ways handy, first to print out, second to save, and third it can be read on a reader to. Besides that, it is a handy system to give valuable info as a welcome gift in pdf-format, or to sell and e-book. Have a great day, Loes

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