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Cool Amazing Free Website Tools — 197 Comments

    • Thank you for letting my readers know about your Garmin navigation software, as I understand, you need to purchase a Garmin navigation system to have any benefit from the free software download. Therefore, your product doesn’t fit my list.
      I leave your link in the comment, for interested people.

      Kind regards, Loes

    • Hi Andre, you’re very welcome. Actually, yes, it’s located under uncategorized and is called Mind of a winner, when you follow this link, you have to scroll down a bit to find the free application. You can even add your own messages to this program. Success with it.

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  2. Hello Loes it’s a pleasure reading this list and I am amazed that how informative this whole post is, I am also a blogger at “motivationalshouts” and I must say what a collection of links you have posted appreciated

    • Hi Burhan, thank you, you’re most welcome to benefit from my list. I have added the link to your website to your profile when people like to visit your website. Loes

        • You’re most welcome Burhan, you might want to consider to make your website SSL secured. People might get a warning about this that your website is unsafe to visit. When you are a premium member at the Wealthy Affiliate community, SSL (green padlock https) is included in the hosting service. Click here when you want to try out our platform for free.
          Enjoy your day (and my website)

  3. Wow, super list of website tools you’ve compiled here Loes!

    I thought I’d know most of them by now but I’m only familiar with 30% of it. I’m using TechSmith’s Snagit for my screen capture and image editing uses but lately it feels like they crash a lot so I’m looking for an alternative. Jing is great but they can’t edit images in bulk, do you have any photo editing software that you know if?

  4. Hey Loes,

    What a collection of free resources, I have bookmarked this page for the future reference.  I checked some of the resources and its fabulous, particularly of favicons.

    As I always say you are the resource of free resources.  I am going to share this page on my social media.  I hope you will not mind.  As I think it’s a great resource, and my readers will find it very useful too.


  5. Wow, great list of useful tools for internet marketers to reference. I use some of these, but don’t know how I would get to so many. Do you have them listed in any order of preference or do you use them all?

    For instance I have used Neonam, Wordstream Free Keyword Tool, Soovle and Jaaxy, and I would say of these Jaaxy is my favourite as it is the fastest and quickest means to an end.

    You also have a large array of picture editors, but which one would you say is the easiest to use without too much time needed to be spent learning to use the tool?

    Thanks again for the thought put into this list of tools.

    • Hi Michel, I love to use Jaaxy too. My most favorite picture editor tool is Pixlr.com. That one I use daily. It’s a bit like Photoshop and Gimp, but you can use it directly online, and it’s free!


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