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Cool Amazing Free Website Tools — 327 Comments

  1. Wonderful. I am getting excited due to your website information. To build a website is not an easy work that’s why it is important to get some tools which make it perfect. I  am not expert in building website but i can find how informative is this website. I am reading this content and getting new ideas about building my website using the stated tools.

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi Julienne, I hope you’ll benefit from all my handy website tools, I have some training here too on how to use the tools, click here to jump over to the training.

      Have a nice time on my website, Loes

  2. Wow this is an awesome webpage!  So much incredible information in one place and easy to find.  I like that there are so many great links and tools that will truly help to build a successful website.  I have bookmarked this page so I can come back and read more.  Great page!

  3. Loes,

    your website is truly a wealth of information for anyone who is interested in starting and working on a website! I had no idea there were so many tools and so many ways to make money online. I had to bookmark your website as I am sure others have done to learn more about the online industry. Thank you for all your hard work and helping others!

    • You’re welcome Chris, it’s my pleasure to help people to make things easier for them online, thank you very much for the bookmark, you may share this post anytime:)


  4. Wow, this post has literally everything you need for your website! Glad I find this.

    I was looking for some tools for using them in the social media and infographics particularly.

    Thank you for spreading them into categorys is so much easy to look for what I need that way.I’m going to check each one to see which one is the best for me.

  5. These are some great tools. The ones I use the most and I love are:

    1. Powtoon: They have a great trial; for 4 days you have full access to everythin, even the Pro stuff.

    2. Biteable: Unbelievably easy!

    3. Of course Canva: I use it to find images too, not only for editing. 

    4. Cooltext: I did part of my logo there!

    5. And last but not least Jaaxy: Great for keyword research.

    I’ll try the rest of them, too. That’s a big collection!

  6. Hi Loes, this is an amazing list of cool tools. There’s so many I will probably never all use them, but I’ve bookmarked your page and the first thing I do when I need to get something done but don’t know how, is check your list to see if there’s a free tool for it.

    For example, I was looking for a way to know the specific color code from a website, because I wanted to use that color with my own site. Checked your article and there is was, ‘Image Color Picker’ 🙂

    I don’t know how you do it Loes, probably using magic 😉 But finding all these tools must have been an immense task.

    All the best!

    • Thanks for the bookmark, Jurgen, when I see something, I just know, someone out there is offering it for free, so Google and me are best friends:)

      Enjoy my list, Loes

  7. I believe that so good tools and very useful i tried some myself and it’s really cool specially the URL shorter as that helped me on my Twitter account , also the image compressor saved some space with images.Great stuff and im glad i found your website and will keep my eyes on it.


  8. Hey Loes! Thanks for taking the time to create this HUGE list of free tools that I can use for my business. I really like and appreciate the time you spent organizing it into different categories like Banners, Checkers, Website Word Tools, etc. 

    Take care and keep up the good work!


  9. Well that’s a lot of information in one place.  That’s really nice to see someone showing me where to get everything I need to know about working at home without having to go to twenty-five different websites.  A real problem in the work-at-home industry online is just all the scams out there.  I feel like you have some authority on this and I can trust what you are selling me is safe and going to lead somewhere productive.  Keep up the good work.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative article.  I think keyword research is the part in which I struggle with the most.  For someone starting out the information you have given out is fantastic. yea

    you mentioned Jaaxy and have read many great things about this tool. 

    Is this a tool you would 100% recommend to someone who is just starting out on their blog and business?

    • A good keyword research tool is indeed a must when you are SEO blogging. There are more great tools, but I am quite fond of Jaaxy and I will recommend this tool to anyone who wants to find the best keywords, Bibian


  11. Wow! So much useful information. I started WA about 2 months ago and the support that is offered is top notch. It’s a great way to earn passive income. I didn’t realize all the amazing free tools out there too. Your website lays out all these tools that can be used which I knew nothing about. Many are so cool! Thank you for this presentation which was well put together and thought out.

  12. Wow I’m incredibly impressed at the number of free tools that are available for use. I’m sure everyone here, myself included is incredibly grateful for this amazing collection of tools and I’ve in fact written do the page so I can return to it.

    Also another temp eMail I have used is guerillamail I believe is what it’s called.

    My wife is actually a teacher at the middle school so I’m excited to share the tools that are for teachers with her and see if they might help her in the classroom.

    Again thanks for the extensive list 🙂

  13. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think there was so much to learn and so many free website tools available. Have had to bookmark this as it was too much to take in. Could never remember the tiniest fraction.

    Loes, This must have taken ages to compile and I want to applaud you for sharing all this valuable information.

    • Thanks to the amazing comment boost tool at Wealthy Affiliate, I am able to share it with many tonight:)) Enjoy the free tools Jill, thanks for the bookmark! See you later!


  14. Hi Loes, 

    Was happy to find your post on great tools, really needed this information as I continue to build out my authority site.  I see that you are marketing Webtalk.  I have looked at it but decided to give it some time to operate before getting involved.  How is it doing for you (financially) and do you use the service it provides?

    I have never seen such a comprehensive – detailed review/post on this topic!  You must have tons of hours in this.  All I can say is WOW!

    And… thank you!

    All the best,

    Dallas McCalister

    eBook Author/Musician/Serial Entrepreneur

    • Thank you Dallas, I will see how the wind blows at Webtalk, I am a free member, and not yet very active there. Webtalk is still in Beta, and there are not yet services or earnings possibly. That will be enclosed soon.

      Enjoy my free to use tools:)


  15. Wow… This is a huge list.

    I think it will take a few days for me to check them out. I really like to test new tools and technologies. I have used SEO site checkup, Hootsuit, CodeCademy, W3Schools and maybe a few other tools in the past but most of them are new to me.

    Thanks for taking the time to gather all of them. Just bookmarked this page to com back later.



  16. Talk about a lot of free website tools wow! So, are all of these tools that you can utilize to help get your online business up and running? I saw the link Backlinko which I know helps people start driving traffic to their website and start making money from their online business.

    • Most of these tools can be very handy for website builders and online marketer, Danny. Of course, you can’t use all, you can just check this list, whenever you need something:)


  17. Oh my god, this is so thorough Loes! I’m a website owner myself and recently started working on it. So, I would still consider myself somewhat of a newbie. So these tools and advices that you provide are like a gold mine. Obviously you are super experienced so I will definitely look through your website more and get more ideas and other help. Appreciate your help with this and definitely look forward to asking you some questions in the future!

    • You’re always welcome to ask questions. When I don’t know the answer myself, I probably know where to find it online:) Success using these tools for your benefit:)


  18. Hi Loes, excellent post on free website tools. This is just what I was looking for. You can be sure that I will bookmark this as I also have websites that I am looking to promote in order to gain traffic and conversions. I could spend days here taking advantage of all the cool tools. Thank you very much for making this invaluable information available. All the best, Tom

    • You’re very welcome to come back, Tom once in a while, I find some new tools too, it’s not growing that fast as in the beginning though, enjoy surfing around 🙂 Loes

  19. So many thanks, Loes,

    Wherever I search for information, it is best to go straight to your place. The only problem, not only I find the answer to my problem, but scrolling down the list …, well there are so much more. Such an abundance, I am never going to be done! So, I still have to choose between so many signatures, the night will be a good counselor, I hope.

    See you soon again,

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks Anne, very nice that you like it here so much:) Enjoy all the free programs! I just found a new one to add to the list. Kizoa video maker. I have to find out how it works, but it looks good. Have a great weekend! Loes

  20. Dear Loes, I am a very happy man at the moment. Finding your site with all these wonderful resources is worth so much. I am a little bit upset with you though – I am not going to have time to visit any other websites because you are going to keep me so busy! :):) Just kidding!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I love it!


  21. OMG! I feel very passionate reading any post of yours
    Thanks. I have a question
    How do I earn when people download my free tutorials from my website?

    • Hi Ngain, thank you, you will not earn from letting people download your tutorials for free, but you can place ads to other offers on your website, or use Google Adsense to make money, service to your visitors, like giving away free stuff, will make your visitors come back to your website. I hope to see you back too:) Kind regards, Loes

  22. This is a Gem and a price should be connected to this. Now I just join the smart group. Loes I thank you for these awesome tools as I build my website. At the moment I am having some issues with creating a logo for my website, this I will play with from time-to-time. Thanks.


  23. I just submit my site in this tools. Please tell me It’s really work? hummm..I’m very worry about this. And on this page are only free online to use tools. My screen recorder has only a free trial period. So no, it doesn’t deserve a link on this page.

    • Hey Edward, that’s right, here are only free tools listed. And you can not submit yourself, you have to apply. After approval, I submit the links myself. Sorry, you do not have a free version with limited access. Kind regards, Loes

  24. Under screen capture tools, I see you list Jing. That product has many limitations. Instead, try My Screen Recorder. My Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording software. It records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone – or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your website, uploaded to YouTube or used in your presentation. One thing often overlooked – It will record directly to standard compressed format that works with any video editor or any tool, no conversion required. And, the file sizes are small, making them easy to upload or distribute.

    • Thank you for thinking along with me, Ian, and I am sure the “My Screen Recorder” gives better results. The only thing is, it is not free to use. And on this page are only free online to use tools. My screen recorder has only a free trial period. So no, it doesn’t deserve a link on this page.

  25. Thank you for sharing this list of free website free tools with us.This really is very useful to me.Thanks for research on this one. Yet I never found any interesting article like yours. You’re such a gem for providing this information!

    • Thank you so much Anuja, it’s my pleasure sharing these programs. You are welcome to bookmark this page and come back anytime. Have a great 2017, kind regards, Loes

  26. This is an incredible resource page to keep as a resource to keep on coming back to over and over again. Thanks for taking the time and sharing I have already bookmarked it for future reference.

    Keep up your awesome work.


  27. Hi,
    It’s an awesome tool page you have. Share may Also Add This Site As Well. This site also comes with some awesome tools such as Keyword Planner and Some other website Tools, Seo Tools etc. Great Feature.

  28. Thanks very much for this wonderful list! Much appreciated. I also want to thank you for all that you do at Wealthy Affiliate. Us new to Internet marketing reeeeeally appreciate it!

    Hope you and yours have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

    • Thank you, Ted, I hope you will have a great Thanksgiving, we do not have that traditional feast in the Netherlands, it’s not a part of our culture, but I will think of you and your family tomorrow:) Kind regards, Loes

  29. You have shared with us amazing tools that will surely help us in our blogging journey!

    I will surely get back to this list whenever I need a tool, because I know they are all legit, since you have done a proper research to find them!

    Thank you so much for this great resource and have a great day!

  30. Wow what a resource. This page is now book marked on my laptop. It must have taken you an age to put it together, I for one certainly appreciate it though.
    Are the lists in any particular order? Being new to this world I’d love to know which tools are your preferred recommendations.

    • Hi Dan, thank you for your compliment, it took me indeed a couple of hours, I stopped counting;) The list is in alphabetical order, and the programs I use most myself are Piktochart, Canva, Biteable and pixlr. Enjoy surfing around my side and exploring all free programs! See you later, Loes

  31. Hi Loes! I’m glad I stopped by again. I see that you updated your site! More excellent tools! I’ve been looking for a favicon tool. I should have known that you’d have one! I’ll give it a shot! Thanks, Loes!

    • Hi Alanna, I will look for more tools for creating favicons, I had more on my site, but 3 of them where become 404’s by checking up all links with the update and are deleted, hope these will help you create a good favicon. Success, Loes

  32. Thanks I would be really your thankful for giving me such a good list of tools. But at this point of time I am stuck with Pinterest image setting problem please help me with it if you can. Message me on my mail or simply comment on any post of my website.

    • Hi Della, you have to do it with the list, sorry, I can’t help you with pinterest problems. Hope you find the right person for you to help you with that. Kind regards, Loes

  33. Hey Loes
    What a fantastic resource list….thanks very much for making it available to everybody.
    Over the last several months I’ve noticed you have brought a variety of free tools to our attention and they are very useful and appreciated 🙂
    Thanks again

    • Thanks Mark, and the list is still growing, I always test programs before I add them, and I have about 50 programs in store to test, so keep on coming by 🙂 Loes

  34. Your site is brilliant Loes,
    Everything thing I need to know
    about adding to my website
    I have found here,
    You have obviously done a lot of research
    to be able to put such a magnificent site together,
    Thanks so much for that.
    Keep up the good work.

    Martin Toal

    • Hello Martin, thank you so much, it has indeed cost me a lot of time to find and check all these links, but it’s worth it 🙂 Hope to see you back again, Loes

  35. I’m absolutely amazed by this list, it’s actually just what I’ve been searching for. I’ve only touched the surface of this list, literally going to a few links. But I have bookmarked your page and without a doubt will be returning again and again to go through it. I love your site, it’s awesome thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Natalie, glad you like my amazing tools list, worked hard on it, still do, glad to see you as a returning visitor:) See you later! Loes

  36. Hi Loes,

    You have a really informative website here. It’s going to take me a long time to go through even half of the great tools and information that you have shared here. I already enjoy spending time working on my online business but now with these amazing tools I am going to have even more fun and spend even more time playing. From the SEO tools that you have listed here Loes, is there one that you would personally recommend that you think is the best? I am always working on my SEO scores and want your opinion on a good tool to do that.

    Thank you for a great website,

    • Hi Lori, thanks for your comment, I wish you a lot of fun here. For your question about SEO tools, I like pingdom.com, but on top of my SEO tool list is Jaaxy, very users friendly, and of course the keywords have to be splendit in the first place!

      Success with the development of your website Lori,

      Kind Regards, Loes

  37. Hi Loes – brilliant site….and what a great resource for anyone wanting to start an on-line business….greetings from the UK – Kevin

  38. Hello, Loes. Wow, what a great page to have access to, thanks! I will definitely bookmark this one. Thanks for sharing, I love your website!

  39. So much here on your website. Gives me ideas as to what to add to my own. Have you ever noticed how much you can learn from looking at good websites. I didn’t see wpthemedetect.com in your list. It analyzes the theme and pluggins used on any WordPress website.

    • Hi Bill, thanks a lot:), there are 2 WP theme detectors on the right under checkers, I will check if this is one of them, if not I will add it, greetings Loes

  40. Loes there’s so much here. Much of it I haven’t a clue about. I really like to pop up asking to learn more. This is the site to visit for website development tools.


    • Hello Sonya, really nice to see you here, thanks for your nice reply. I hope to be of great help to anyone who wants to develope a website, I simply love all those features and fun stuff. The popup is the Yeloni exit popup from Jayasri Nagrale from India, I love this one too, because you can add your own picture to it. Have a nice day Sonya, greetings Loes

  41. Hi Loes, what a long list of website tools you have here, some I don’t even know what it is for! It’s nice for you to share it with us. I think I have to bookmark your page as my reference for my website. Great day to you Loes 🙂

    • Hello Saiful, you will grow into the “knowing where to use it for part” 🙂 great to see you back ones in a while, greetings Loes

  42. What an amazing collection set of resources. Thank you for going to all this work. I’m always on the look out for tools like these. You are making my site development so much easier.

    • Thank you Grampamike, you’re welcome to visit anytime, and than you for your contribution, the link is added, much appreciated:) Loes

  43. You have a very nice site Loes that is packed full of information. I will definitely be bookmarking your site so I can come back. Thank you for the gift…good luck and good life.

    • Hello Monte, thank you very much for your nice reply, much appreciated, you are welcome to come back anytime 🙂 Greetings Loes

  44. Thanks for the cool gift! I can’t wait to check it all out! Your site is awesome, as well as your generosity. 🙂


  45. Thanks for the gift Loes, I look forward to checking it out in more detail in the coming weeks….. thanks again, I appreciate all the help with building my websites!!! cheers, joe

  46. Hey Loes, dankje wel. Great gift and great idea to give it away, give it away, give it away now (hopelijk is het commentaar nu lang genoeg 🙂

    • Haha, hoi Dirk, die ondergrens van 100 letters voor een commentaar heb je te danken aan al die spammers die alleen maar een linkje posten, ik hoop dat je veel profijt mag hebben van deze pagina, groet Loes

  47. Thank you Loes for the extremely cool gift that is this website. I had some fun poking around with some of the tools and testing my website. I will be leaving you a note on WA as well. Such a cool website you have here, enjoyed it very much and am bookmarking it..will be sure to return. Again, thank you and may God Bless..ces

  48. Loes, thank you so very much for sharing your website with me. WOW, so many new things to check into here!
    I’m afraid to ask how long it has taken you to put all this in place-whew!
    I look forward to digging into the new tools!


    • Hi Linda, thank you very much for your nice reply, it took me quite some research time, because I also test all features myself, before adding them, enjoy your digging:) Greetings Loes

  49. This is an awesome set of web tools! I never knew there were so many! It might take me a while to navigate them and decide which ones I can use, but I am eager to learn!

  50. Awesome collection. Thank you very much.
    I got a lot of bad news. I used the mobile test from google and the trust test.
    Well, I know now what I have to work on.

  51. Hi Loes,
    This is an absolutely amazing list of free tools!
    And your website is so rich with such a wealth of information!
    Yours is a site I will definitely be visiting again.
    Thank you for sharing this incredible list of resources!

    • hi
      christa, I hope you will have a lot of benifit and joy from these amazing free website tools, I have also a photo resourse on my other website, perhaps you like that too, greetings Loes

  52. Hi Loes that is an awesome list of free tools, I am exploring each one at a time and have your website bookmarked for future reference. I don’t know how you found all these but I am glad you did and I am thankful that you took the time to share them all with us.

    • Hi Marlon, thank you very much for your nice reply, ofcourse I share those links, as I share everything, sharing makes the world look better, glad to see you back once in a while, greetings Loes

  53. Hey Loes.I have to congratulate you on such a great site,you have obviously did your homework to get all these sites listed.Thank you so much,I will have a better look tomorrow as I am off to bed.

    • Hi Mark, I had a lot of help from the Wealthy Affiliate Community as well, everybody blogs about free tools once in a while, so I have collected them, great to be of help and to see you back on my website, sleep well and greetings Loes

  54. Hi Loes,
    What a great site and I love-love all the free web tools you have provided. Totally awesome and I am bookmarking your site.

    Thanks so much,

  55. Nice tool Loes, Life Traffic Feed, I see myself there, the one from Santa Cruz Tenerife. Though it says 2 minutes ago, which would imply I am out, while I am still here. Nevertheless I am going to try it. Jovo

    • Hi Jovo, the “two minutes ago” is your arriving time 🙂 so you have spend already some time on my site 🙂 Great! Loes

  56. That’s me, checking in from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Cool thingy, I think I will try it out. 🙂

  57. Hi Loes
    Great info. I’m definitely going to bookmark this coz I can see me using quite a lot of the programs/functions you have listed.
    There is also the fact I love Freebies lol
    You have the most excellent of days.

  58. These are really Amazing Free Website Tools and Noteworthy Site! I recommend everyone to set this article as your homepage. Schedule Online Business is also very useful.
    Thanks, Loes for your huge commitment!
    I wish you a lot of success.
    Kind regards,

    • That’ll be very nice Eiress, you are always welcome to come back and see if there are links you can benifit of, see you around, greetings Loes

  59. Hi Loes,

    What an awesome reference post you’ve created here. This is easily the most complete set of cool amazing free website tools that I have seen put together, nice work. I’m going to have to bookmark this page now.

    Thanks again for taking the time to create such a thorough resource for follow marketers.


  60. Hi Loes,

    Some great resources here. I have booked marked and will be back.
    A free image compressor that I tried for the first time today TinyPNG, it seems really good.
    Thanks for sharing. Peter

    • Hi Peter, thanks, you’re welcome, I have tried out most of them myself too, before placing them, I want to know if they are working and how, greetings Loes

  61. Hi Loes,
    This website of yours is awesome!! What a wealth of information anyone can use if needed.
    Thanks for creating something like this.
    Sylvia 🙂

  62. Loes what a great resource, thank you very much. I’m saving this to my favorites and I will be back often.
    I see you have a photo editor, but missed my favorite (non Photoshop) image editing program Pixlr. Check it out at pixlr.com, free online, nothing to download, tons of tutorials.

  63. Hi Loes

    I love yr site on “Cool Amazing Free Website Tools” 🙂

    Simply amazing, such a great resource site, so some of the tools here I did not not know existed!!
    I am going to come back again.

    Wonderful work, Loes. Keep up yr great work.

    Thank you,
    Jewel Carol

    • Hi Jewel, thanks for your compliment, I will keep my eyes and ears open for more:) you are always welcome to come back, greetings Loes

  64. Simply brilliant theres a few tools on here I didnt know existed. Thankyou for sharing them with me. I think copy scape is one of the best. Duplicate content is a big no no!

  65. Hi, I have just bookmarked this page. Lots of links to free tools. I especially like the link checker. Will be using that one straight away. Thanks. Ian.

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