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If you want to profile yourself above other candidates, then a website is ideal. Creating a resume that really shows what you have to offer is a challenge anyway. Sending a piece of paper with a list of skills looks different from an active colorful website.


Why would you build a CV website?

Every manager who checks the candidates cannot resist to just search on Google for your name, and then it is very nice if your website pops there. You decide what’s on that website and you can show your future employer the best and most creative YOU.

A well-written website is even capable to bring employes to you!

With your own CV website, you show that you are serious about looking for a job. And that you are willing to put time into a project. It also radiates that you are aware of modern trends.

A paper CV is adviced to be no more than 1 A4 – Your life has been written down on 1 piece of paper! That’s almost impossible to show your new boss who you are.

Your website

To give you a first impression I have created 3 websites (there are more to choose from) and a menu. This could be the info you provide to your employer. Websites can be arranged very well to your own idea, with colors and images.

Website 1

Clean & to the point


Website 2

Warm & Female


Website 3

You can upload any image!


The manager or employer can click around on your unique CV website.

The Menu


At the home page, you can introduce yourself. This is the place for your profile. Your story.

Curriculum Vitae

Your educations and work experience can be listed here.

Work examples & achievements

This page could contain pictures and can serve for a portfolio and hobbies and interests.


It would be nice if this page is filled with a piece written by previous employers and additional activities. It would be nice if this is presented with a profile picture.


It’s obvious that your future employer want’s to contact you, but for privacy reasons, you’d better not display your home address and phone number here. You can add your email address. And this page is also very suitable to share your Social Media links.

Text is important on your CV website. Search engines need that text to recognize what your website is about. This way they can show your website to the right people.

You can add other types of content too:

A powerpoint presentation.

A PDF of an essay you’ve written.

Links to websites of your interest.

You might have a video presentation of yourself (if you can present great TED-talk).

An interesting infographic.


Example Curriculum Vitae Website

CV on a website

Home page

Who am I?
“As a professional, both in word and deed when it comes to dealing with people, I quickly build a relationship with my clients. I am also an independent worker who moves through all layers of an organization on an equal level to realize the right solution for the client and the organization. ”


Characteristics How do others see me
Respectful Realistic
Interested Practical
Thoughtfully Independent
Solution oriented Warmly
Discreet Helpful

Have I managed to arouse your interest?

Without a doubt, I understand that it is difficult enough for you as an employer to make a good choice out of all candidates. After all, you want to be sure that you are making a good investment. Not only for now, but also for the future. I suggest you arrange an interview with me without obligation. It would be nice if I could introduce myself to you personally.

Curriculum Vitae page

Appropriate courses that you have completed.

Work examples & achievements page

You can think of pictures on previous jobs, anecdotes and/or hobbies or sports reports. Also, volunteer work can be cited here.

References page


Loes Knetsch

Loes Knetsch/former colleague

Talking about recommendations: Louise is one. Professional in word and deed when it comes to dealing with clients. Knowledge of the exception to the rule, and not afraid to apply it. Someone who also looks at the business, signals, and acts. In addition to her very pleasant sense of humor, her loyalty and collegiality, she is someone who knows how to add value to every department or company that is concerned with care and welfare. Louise gets a license from me – for the best results.


Contact page

Relevant personal details
(suitable to present on a website, as a profile picture, phone number, and your email address)

Links to your Social Media account(s)

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