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Whether you are 18 or 81, anyone can start affiliate marketing with the correct tools! Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing where an affiliate promotes a product or multiple products and receives a commission for it. The affiliate often has a website and acts as a promotional partner. The affiliate partner can also have a good email addresses list and promote the product through a newsletter. It is a form of advertising on the internet where the selling company only pays for results.

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Performance and results

  • The performance can consist of sending a visitor to a website, a click.
  • A lead, often an information or a request to fill in a form.
  • Or a sale, one or more sold products.

In the affiliate world, a selling company, the advertiser, is usually called a merchant. An affiliate can promote products on the internet in various ways.

How does affiliate marketing work

1. Promotion via a website

By placing advertisements or promotional texts on your own website. When you have a well-visited informative website, you can place ad banners on it. A matching advertisement does fit with every niche.

On an affiliate website you often also find text links to certain companies.

The selling company or network to which the company is affiliated often provides promotional material that you can use on your website.

2. Promotion via a newsletter

It is also possible to send a newsletter via email with advertisement links. Although, some companies insist that you have a website.

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3. Google Adwords

Some affiliates only use Google Adwords. They buy advertising space and share banners via Google. This is possible without a website if the business partner allows it. Often you can not use the brand name of the company you are promoting for. And there are also companies that prohibit this form of marketing for their product. After all, you become a competitor to them.

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Trace code

Of course, the company must know who is buying through the link. That is why it has a code to the link
Such an affiliate link looks something like this:

A company can have its own tracking program and manage the financial settlement itself, but they can also choose to outsource it to an affiliate network. Some of these networks can be found on another blog of mine called “Top Affiliate Networks.”

Affiliate networks are the intermediary.

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