12 creative tips to write terrific blogs

12 creative tips to write terrific blogs

When you start blogging you will definitely have a lot of inspiration at the beginning, but after some time your ideas can dry up. Which headline to use? Which subject? Where to get appropriate pictures? With this blog, I hope to help you to some ideas and sources.

1. Be original

Try to be different from the crowd. Don’t try to imitate someone else. Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

Be personal, don’t write like a robot.

Be honest and genuine, put your heart into your writing.


2. Style your posts

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

Use H2 and H3 tags to make de readability for your public good.

Use paragraphs and bullet points. Use colors. But I advise you to be cautious with red.

People don’t like long paragraphs of text.

When you use colors, try to limit it to two.

A blog about cooking without pictures will be less attractive than one with pictures.


3. Use the same style

Use one sort of character and similar kind of pictures from the

same size. Use numbers or text. Example of bad styling:

1 and two = 3Use the same H2 for every chapter.

4. Optimize for search enginesCreative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

It is very important to let the search engines know about your post.

I have written two earlier posts about that:

Get My Website To Show Up In Google on page 1

and Internet Marketing Strategies, a good SEO blog post

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

 5. Make smart links

Always make a link open in a new window,

so your readers will stay on your website.

Use the pretty link plugin to make your links look nice.

Link to an authoritative site, when appropriate.

6. Place Appropriate ImagesCreative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

Always be careful with which images you use.

They can be copyright on them.

And you don’t want a law-suit about that.

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

The best way is to make them yourself 🙂

The second best way is to get mine or find a free resource.

Click here to go to my free images website.

7.  Write about something people like to read

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

Understand what your audience wants.

A successful blog stands or falls through its content.

When your website is about cooking, don’t blog about dogs.

Write about things people expect to find on your website.

8. Make the size not to bigCreative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

Split up your blog in 3 or 4 different posts when you have over 3500 words.

Stay between the 500-1500 words. People will be distracted halfway down your blog

even when they have time and leave. Too much text works overwhelmingly.

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

9. Create stunning headlines

Go to Google, add your terrific keyword,

and see which headlines are used by the competitor.

There are also free programs that will help you find ideas and titles.

Click here for a Title Generator

10. Write with passion

People can tell whether you are a “bread writer”Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles

a writer for $$$, or a passionate writer who loves the topic.

Choose topics you know a lot about or write about stuff

you love to do. I love to sit behind my computer to create

things. Pictures ~ YouTubes ~ Textboxes.

This website is the living proof of that.

So when you start blogging, find your passion!

11. Don’t talk about the same subject again

Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles  Try to find every time new and fresh topics to talk about. People get bored easily.

When you have troubles to think of new topics, here are some tips

1. See what your colleagues blog about.

2. Go for a surf, and I don’t mean on the water 😉 Google is your best friend.

3. When you are in sales, look which product is on the Bestsellers list.

4. Try this Content Idea Generator

12. Stay careful and studious

Write your blog post with care and attention. Creative Tips To Write Stunning Articles Again and again.

It is your branding. Your business is at stake when you get sloppy.





Start your own blog?

I give you 2 free websites to begin now!

Do you have creative tips to write stunning articles?

Leave a comment below with your terrific blogging tips!

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  1. kevin says:

    I could defiantly use the tips here, since I feel my posts and pages on my site are a little boring, I try to keep them simple, but that also lead to unimaginative things. I know my articles need to be longer, but it is hard to make them that way, but I hope this can help

    • Loes says:

      Hi Kevin, I know from experience that with every blog you write, you increase your skills and before you know it, you will type out blogs with over 1000 words without any effort. Keep on practicing. And I truly hope my blog will help you with that. Have a great creative and productive day. Kind regards, Loes

  2. Chris says:

    My checklist for writing usually revolves around writing in a first person mode – it is natural and it seems more like the way a relaxed person would talk. I also pay special attention to word count because in my experience it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does (a good article is just that regardless of length). What do you think of these angles?

    • Loes says:

      Hi Chris, thank you for your comment, I will try to answer your questions. It depends, which subject the article is about, I do think the about me page should be written in the first person only. I do see about me pages written as: Loes is a mother and daycare owner, and Loes is… etc. That is definitely not the correct way of presenting yourself. I do not agree about your statement of the length of a post, it is proven that the bare minimum length should be 300 words, and the worth of the post is increasing enormously in the eyes of Google when the length is above 750 to 3000 words.
      300 = bare minimum,
      500 = a bit better,
      750 = better,
      1000 = good,
      1500 = excellent,
      2000 and more = fabulous.
      Above the 3000 words you need to be a very gifted writer to keep your reader entertained.

      I hope this makes things a bit clearer for you.

      Kind regards, Loes

      Admin Loes

  3. Jaime says:

    Hey Loes first off I have to give you a big round of applause for how you have your 12 creative tips post set up. I’m loving the way you explained everything in your tips guide and it will for sure help me as I’m on my journey to working from home. Thank you for sharing and Happy Holiday’s!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Jaime, thank you so much for your enthusiastic applause, much appreciated! I wish you also a very nice Christmas and all the success in the world for 2016! Kind Regards Loes

      Admin Loes

  4. Hana says:

    Great Tips Loes. I always write when inspired, sometimes it will be after taking a nice walk, having a nice conversation with an inspiring person or even about ideas gotten in the shower. I don’t force it when not inspired or not feeling it..

    Thank you,


    • Loes says:

      Hi Hana, thank you very much, we all have our ups and downs when it comes to writing content, glad you liked my article, I wish you a lot of very inspiring moments, kind regards, Loes
      Admin Loes

  5. Robert says:

    Great post Loes! I really like the slide show you used at the beginning which I later realized when reading through your post were the images you used. I’m going to have to look into that Slideful program, I have some ideas for that.

    Yes writing an effective blog does take more than just writing words down on a page. Though your thoughts should flow naturally there is a certain structure and guidelines that will help to make the blog stand out from all of the rest currently on the net.

    Thanks for listing these tips for us all. It should definitely help many.


  6. John says:

    You do have a creative writing style. Your tips are straight to the point. I do like the way you bubble your words in the pictures.
    The smart links are something I always have to remind the new people about, if your site is closed the readers will not come back.
    I have the problem of just writing sometimes without any feelings in it. It is just boring to read.
    Very creative tips for the beginners and for the veterans of IM.

    • Loes says:

      Hi John, thank you for your reply. When you write something, just imagine a cuppa coffee and a good friend sitting beside you. And start writing as if you are telling him something. (put a picture on your desk and talk;)

      Glad you’ve enjoyed it here, you are very welcome to come back anytime 🙂


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