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The images on this website have been carefully selected. Some have been added in their original state, others have been edited with the permission of the website where I got them from.


The most used sources include


I also use free online photo editors, who often offer a number of stock photos themselves. The photos can be edited and edited in their own programs.

Click here for free editing programs

Click here for copyright-free resources

Not all free copyright-free sources take full responsibility for the images they offer on their website.
They say that, in addition to their carefully selected distribution, copyright photos may slip in between, and that the user is responsible and that they cannot be held liable.

Therefore, always read the conditions that they have published on their site.

A friend of mine had published an image from, but the photographer had decided to resell his photos to a stock photo website.
This website had the photo (now with a license) and therefore asked if she had paid for it.
Pixabay has stated in its terms and conditions that they are NOT responsible for subsequent changes.
Ultimately, my girlfriend had to pay more than pocket money.

Using randomly images found on the internet

When you just copy from other websites or find your images on Google to place by your articles, you are working very dangerous and it can break you up! The fines are very high. $ 1000 fine is very normal when you are caught improperly using licensed photos. Check and double-check the image you want to use.

Check your images on

What picture can I use?

I have made an overview of which images you can use freely and which ones you should handle with great care.

I have written on my blog-space at the Wealthy Affiliate university 2 posts about this subject.

I hope this image will take you in the right direction and make it clear which image you can and should not use.

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