How criminals trick you into a fraud download

Fraudulent Downloads

is quite common on the internet. How do these criminals work? They can send you unwanted pop-ups.
That’s a way how criminals trick you into a fraud download.

Criminals trick you into a fraud download


“You have been infected! Download antivirus X right now to protect your computer!”

You can be very certain of it, this is a criminal trick to past some malicious code – or even infect your computer with a trojan virus.

Think! Before you click a banner like this!

Money promises

And then you have money promises. Download our software, and you get the secret to becoming filthy rich over night!

Criminals trick you into a fraud download

Yeah, filthy it is alright!! With this software, they put malicious malware or viruses on your website, and to get rid of it, you have to pay them, or pay a computer expert. The only ones who get filthy rich are these criminals!

Lottery winning

You have won the lottery! You have won $7.500.000 DOLLARS DOLLARS DOLLARS!

Don’t you ever believe this SH*T

Criminals trick you into a fraud download

You have Won!

Claim your prize now!

It really looks so attractive, and you do need some money quick, well clicking these banners will only bring you into deeper problems!

Your lucky day!

You are the visitor, claim your prize today, only today you can CLAIM!

Criminals trick you into a fraud download

Oh yes, they are smart! But please do not click banners like this! Cookies will be placed, viruses will infect you, and it will cost you money! In some cases a whole LOT OF MONEY!

Be aware!

Criminals trick you into a fraud download!

Do not trust those glittery shiny inviting “Click on me now! Banners!”

Create free banners online.

To show you what kind of banners you should avoid, I have made these banners as an example on a free Dutch online program for making your own banners.

Click here to read my previous blog post I wrote about scammy companies.

You can’t be too careful nowadays!

My no #1 recommendation is the open online educational resource university “Wealthy Affiliate.” An online opportunity to learn all about internet marketing and website developing.

 Learn the skills to be safe on the internet:)

No downloads! No credit card needed! No deposits!

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  1. Darren says:

    I see these kinds of pop ups and ads quite regularly, especially if visiting any dodgy free download or torrent sites. They do a good job of making people think it’s a real warning and they end up clicking on the flashing ad in a panic. I hate scammers and I run a website myself that alerts people to online scams. Thanks for the great post.

    • Loes says:

      I hate scammers too Darren, and the group seems only to become bigger and bigger, I hope to warn people in time for some criminal actions, glad you are on the same team:) Loes

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