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  1. I see these kinds of pop ups and ads quite regularly, especially if visiting any dodgy free download or torrent sites. They do a good job of making people think it’s a real warning and they end up clicking on the flashing ad in a panic. I hate scammers and I run a website myself that alerts people to online scams. Thanks for the great post.

    • I hate scammers too Darren, and the group seems only to become bigger and bigger, I hope to warn people in time for some criminal actions, glad you are on the same team:) Loes

  2. I’ve seen a sharp uprise in these types of criminal adverts over the last few years – I’m starting to blame the film streaming sites that throw 4 at you every time you press a button on their site!
    The problem is that you have high paying Adsense alternatives that thrive on these malware adverts – some bloggers don’t care what rubbish you pick up off their site – they just want the high payouts!
    Great article – very interesting!

    • Hi Chris, that’s new info for me, Adsense? It’s a shame those ads are not checked. I don’t like Adsense, so I don’t have it on my websites. You can not control what adverts you give through. Thanks for confirm my suspicion about Adsense ads. Kind regards, Loes

  3. Hi,
    Those glittery banners itself was pretty low quality and distracting. Anyone with epilepsy can get a seizure from it.

    It’s unfortunate people have to be so scammy and cruel out there. Glad there are people doing honest work and weeding them out.

    Thanks for the heads up and I will definitely not click on those fraud downloads.


    • Hi Sofia, the most annoying one are those which are telling you, that you are the 100.000th visitor, and that you have won something, thanks for commenting, Loes

  4. What a helpful post! When you see these ads pop up sometimes you are SO tempted to click. However, as you said, you have to know that it’s going to try to trick you. There are so many scams out there nowadays. How exactly can you clicking on these ads cost you a lot of money? I mean, I know that it can cause you to get a virus but money?

    • One click can result in a hostage Brenna. they directly add a program to your system, and they lock your computer completely. Only when you pay the ransom money, they will release your computer. So yes, clicking the wrong link can cost you a lot of money. Hope you do not get a victim of something like that, Loes

  5. Hi, Loes.

    The number of times I have seen these kinds of Ads on my computer and even smartphone, is ridiculous.

    However, it’s probably my fault for clicking on Ads in the first place, and they have somehow multiplied from doing so.

    “Touch Wood” though, I have never been scammed out of money, luckily! I also remember back in my earlier online money making days, I used to receive emails from scammers asking for my bank details so they could put money in my bank for safe keeping… I don’t think so!!

    Thanks for this article.


    • Hi Neil, even PayPal has its own scammers, I got messages that my account was blocked and that I really needed to fill in my account data again. I got these in English, so I contacted my PayPal in the Netherlands, and they said they NEVER send requests like this by mail, and also never in a foreign language, so be aware of these scammers too! Loes

  6. You know it really sucks that we have people who prey on those who are unaware of fraudulence acts online until its too late. I am glad you shared this because people need to know what to avoid. These are definitely some of the downloads you mentioned & I am sure their is still a lot more. However, I think you gave a great general idea of what they look like. I hope a lot people are able to come to your site to gather this information. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Yves, if only I can help prevent one person to fall for these scams, I am happy and reached my goal! I really do not understand what’s got into these criminal minds at the first place, who wants to destroy anybodies life on perpose. Anyway, thanks for dropping by Yves, hope to see you again here, it’s not just about scams here, lots of free tools to find too, Loes

  7. Hi Loes, aren’t fraudulent downloads a pain! They shouldn’t be allowed but I suppose there is no way to stop them! It’s hard deciding on the spot whether something is real or not and thankfully when they spruce it up all sparkly and glittery then you at least know its probably not going to be genuine! Keep up the good work Loes your message needs to be out there. Sammi

    • Hi Sammi, I always wonder what’s the matter with this persons, who are delibarately want to ruin others, hope this post will help someone to stay away from those criminals, Loes

  8. I had to stop and think a while after I read this post. Certainly those banners which promise something too good to be true are most likely false. At first, I wondered if the top banner for Wealthy Affiliate was an example of one to avoid. I guess not, since at the end of the article you recommend it. I also came away wondering if you intended to indict any flashy, blinking banners made with Bannermaken.nl. Was that your intent?

    • Hi David, with this post I just want to give examples of the way the banners are presented, flashing, glittering and blinking. I made with intent by myself on bannermaken.nl. There is big difference between companies who are telling you to get rich quick and companies who are offering an education.

      Wealthy Affiliate is offering an education and is an online educational resource for anybody who wants to learn all about internet marketing and website developing. You just can’t compare this with eachother.

      The difference between the banners is quite obvious:)

      Hope this answers your question, Loes

  9. Great article on the rather dodgy downloads that get around these days. Another popular technique is when they offer cracked versions of popular software – quickly end up with all types of malware on your pc!
    Thanks for this article – a big help to all surfers out there trying to stay safe

    • Hi Chris, tampering with legitimate software and provide as free with viruses and malware attached is really bad! I have a kind of fear for downloading programs. A year ago I was with Ubuntu, and the Ubuntu software center, with only approved downloads. Soon I will go back to Ubuntu again! Very save feeling! I can’t right now, I am working on the computer of my husband, mine crashed 🙁 Loes

  10. Hi Loes

    Very, very, very, and I underline very, important stuff you are talking about here!

    A lot of internet users, sadly elder people, tend to fall for this scams. Is terribly sad, and It infuriates me that there such lowlifes out there trying to take advantage of people.

    I think you are doing a great job by pointing this out, and this will certainly help people to fall for this traps.

    Congratulations and thank you!!

    Best regards


    • Thank you Fito, elderly people and youngsters I woud say. Children from 6-7 years can do strange things to your computer, while just playing a game. Loes

  11. Great review Loes,
    What you post is what is surrounding the internet nowadays. If we don’t alert and jump into their trap, we will doomed.
    When you write this post, I’m sure many of internet are being trapped by this ‘criminals’ and I hope your post will be reviewed by many others to prevent more people will get harmed while they enjoying their time surfing the net.
    Good luck Loes.

    • Yes Saiful, and these are quite obvious. The majority will see through these scams. I think the most devious are the emails you get from a friend which is hacked and some innocent link in it, well I hope to give people some alertness with this:) Loes

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