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This training is about the read more tag you can use in WordPress, and how to customize the text of “read more or continue reading”. Some themes have the text “Read more”, other themes display “Continue reading. Wouldn’t it be great if you can change that text easily? Into “Learn more about this” or “Make new friends here”? Customize the “read more” text into anything you like!

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How to add a read more tag in WordPress

First, I am showing you how to add and use a Read more tag. Some WordPress themes do not show an excerpt on the blogroll, without a read more tag. Take a look at the picture below, to see how you add the read more tag.

How to add a read more tag WordPress


How to Customize the Read more text or Continue reading text

Switch from Visual to Text

Customize read more text

Code to change your Read more text

Change the text

<!--more--> into <--more Learn more about this... -->

There has to be one space between your text and the “more” text in front and at the end!

Add an icon to you Read more excerpt

read more icon make new friends icon earth map icon

To make your “Read more” text standing out, you can add an icon to it. The Icons8.com site has thousands of icons free to use. This is one of the amazing free to use website programs which I promote on my 301 Cool Amazing Free Website Tools page. Add this icon just above the read more tag. I use icons with the size of 30px. This little icon is a great addition to your readers because it also shows your readers were to read further.

How does this look like on the Blogroll?

Click here to see the result on my blogroll. The default text on my blogroll displays “Continue reading”. Now, my text has changed into “Learn more about this… and the little icon is making it stand out!

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