Hello, and welcome to my scam report on the program Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

I am a bit wary of a name like this right off the bat so I went into looking at this program in a negative state of mind from the get go.
I was not disappointed in being disappointed!

First off I discovered Dan Brock has been around quite a while and his track record is not one to be bragged about, according to many negative reviews of his programs. One that stands out, in particular, was a program called Profit Zone that he was working back in 2010.
This program was an Amazon affiliate niche site program, and it was a hard program to make money on without using blackhat marketing.

This new program does have similarities with the earlier one in that he is again promoting black hat marketing and that is a major no-no to us who take honest hard work marketing seriously.

I took a good look at Deadbeat Super Affiliate and I have to give this program thumbs down, In other words, SCAM ALERT!!

The Program

The program itself is actually set up pretty good as far as building your website and getting it all SEO’ed properly. They have a grouping of lessons that walk you through this process and that in itself is alright. The program has two upsells which really are reasonable if the program stuck to honest marketing, but that is one of the catches. Several other upsells are offered that are black hat in nature and of course, Dan is selling them as an affiliate.

As you go through the lessons it soon becomes evident that he wants you to promote this website using many black hat practices, some involving these other upsell programs he is also selling instead of by ranking well using organic traffic and building site trust, and advertising which is the proper way to do this.

(Black hat meaning things that are looked down upon by the marketers that do things the right way and things that are not allowed)

See the dictionaries definition of Black Hat

[ See Where I learned how to do this the right way ]

I was expecting this to happen just from listening to all of his promises of set amount of dollars in a set amount of time in the promotional video.

Anyone with any experience in affiliate marketing can tell you, profit numbers can not be promised in set amounts of time, and as soon as one see’s these kinds of claims that is the first sign to start to back away.

It proved to be the case here with this program.

The opening video I first watched promoting this program stated I could sleep my way to affiliate sales. I know how much work a productive affiliate website takes as I have several working as we speak and I would be happy to have you take a look at how I built them if you wish, [click here to visit one of my websites] and trust me sleeping was not a part of them whatsoever.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate

On the contrary, if anything, it was a lack of sleep that got them where they are today.

Black Hat Tactics

The next thing that got me really going was this man was wanting me to be buying links and building link pyramids and the likes, all tactics that will get a site banned from Google and also what I call cheater tactics.

I never buy links from any place and I do not build link trees that are looked upon as bad SEO. I believe in doing it the right way and my websites will be around for years and years while I would be willing to go out on a limb and say most if not all of these types of sites they are promoting will be banned and gone within a year.

This video also claimed he made over 12K in the first month and again, as an experienced affiliate marketer I know that is a complete fantasy number unless he is not explaining a part of this program he is using. It just does not add up.

You can watch here a video about Deadbeat Super Affiliate from a colleague.



When someone promises you the world and you can have it without any hard work you must ask yourself why.

In the world of marketing pretty much everyone has a reason for offering you something and 8 out of 10 times that something is not worth the time or the energy for you to waste on it.

The other two times the deals offered are really good programs that work and they are out there and available to everyone right now but finding them can be a real challenge.

[ See Where I learned how to do this the right way ]
wealthy affiliate membership

This program, Deadbeat Super Affiliate offered me a set amount of profits in the first month using black hat tactics to earn it,

Deadbeat Super Affiliateand for this reason alone, I give this program huge thumbs down.Deadbeat Super Affiliate




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  1. Loes says:

    Hey Rico, you know, Google is always so kind to warn us for safe and unsafe websites with a red X or a green V
    Deadbeat Super Affiliate
    Wealthy Affiliate

    Need I say more?

    Kind regards, Loes

  2. Rico says:

    Hi Granma Loes,

    I heard a lot of negative review about Wealthy Affiliate!!!!! And have you tried or purchased Deadbeat Super Affiliate before? How did you come up with a review?

    Just wondering! You don’t want to be a hypocrite right! Putting down some product without owning it first then promote your own affiliate product.


  3. Loes says:

    Hello Sadie, how nice of you to speak up for me 🙂 Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous, greedy, money out of the pocket stealing marketers online. I hope to protect people, from falling for programs with up-sells. Up-sells can grow easily into hundreds, even thousands of dollars and leave you behind with nothing. Thanks for your reply Sadie, you are a real friend! Have a great day! We both know which company is giving the best opportunities to succeed online. Loes

  4. Sadie Chan says:

    Hi Loes,

    This message is written in response to 1900 dated September 12, 2016.
    My understanding of a legitimate Online Business has to be ethical; doing it with morality and always be on the right track.

    Any Programs that promise easy and quick success by means of unethical tactic will only bring itself and members to their downfall. Promoting black hat marketing is definitely a NO NO and could be penalised by Google.

    By the way, my dear 1900, I am 61 years old this year. And if you are reading this, I couldn’t care if you called me Great Old Grandma as well.

    Sadie Chan.

  5. Loes says:

    Good day to you too, 1900, I will not expose your email address, as your reaction says enough to my readers. You are replying anonymously, something I didn’t teach my sons. I taught them always to be straight forward and stand right behind their opinion, no sneaky allegations ever! And to be true, I don’t like sneaky upsells, that’s quite right.

  6. 1900 says:

    Oh! Old woman! Just because he can be your son? You don’t like his aggressive, passive or perhaps lazy training?
    so I will repeat myself: Oh! Old woman! Just because he can be your son? You don’t like his aggressive, passive or perhaps lazy training? NOTE: I hope my email address will not be published or scam alerts hitting my inbox.

  7. Loes says:

    Hi Chris, I understand you are rather sceptical having your Dan Brock experience. Wealthy Affiliate is not what you think it is. It is an open education resource, where you can learn all about affiliate marketing.

    An Affiliate program gives you the opportunity to earn by promoting their products.

    Wealthy Affiliate learns you HOW to promote and review products in the right way. HOW to fill in keywords, so Google searches will find your website. And HOW to fill in all significant info and HOW to use social media to become successful online.

    When you are completely new in this business, it’s a sensible step to follow an education.

    And to answer your second question, in every class, there are Top students, average students and dropouts. The training at Wealthy Affiliate has proved everyone can succeed, but not everyone will.

    Hope this answers your questions, Chris. Perhaps we will meet on the premises of Wealthy Affiliate:)

    Kind Regards, Loes

  8. Your Website Availability says:

    Hey there. I just read your page here and wanted to put in my two cents worth.

    I myself fell for the Dan Brock scheme some years ago and it woke me up to the problems which can be found for people looking to make an income online.

    I have also read about Wealthy Affiliate in the past but I am still scared to take the plunge.

    Can I ask if it works? Seriously I mean? and what does it offer that the other so called Affiliate programs do not?



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