What Are The Different Types Of Online Marketing

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You can get really lost in the online world of marketing. There are so many different types and phrases. What do all those types of online marketing mean? I will try to explain to you, without using marketing jargon.


What are the different types of online marketing?

Different marketing Social_Media_Marketing


Social Media Marketing

– Social Media Marketing – Using Social Media sites to get traffic on your ads or website. Advertising through Social Media sites. Most popular Social Media sites are G+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and Tumblr.

Different marketing Niche-marketing-barrel-race-horse

Niche marketing

– Niche marketing – targeting a particular niche to attract traffic to your website. A niche is a specific area of the market. Per example: Baby clothing; Canoeing; Snowboots. These are narrowed down niches. When you want to become successful in some particular niche, it is wise to narrow down your niche.

The niche “Pets” you can specify into: “Dogs, cats, horses”. And horses you can narrow down into: “Steeplechase horses or special food for horses, or Western horses equipment etc.

There are hundred thousands of niches to choose from. My no #1 recommendation to start a niche related website is WA. Discover the secret to making money online. The banner will lead you to “Top Secret” information.

Different marketing wa_making_money_exposed

Article Marketing

– Article Marketing – pulling traffic by posting articles on various article websites. A practice that was popular a few years ago for linking back to websites. Backlinks are no longer useful since Google has changed the algorithm.


Affiliate Marketing

– Affiliate Marketing – Specialized websites in a particular niche market, which are campaigning for a specific product or company. And when a sale takes place, the affiliate marketer get a commission. This is a very popular way of earning money online nowadays.


Network Marketing

-Network Marketing – Building networks/ relationships to increase sales. As an agent of a network marketing company – often called distributors, you recruit new people to follow your lead and to sell products. These companies work with a multi-level marketing system (MLM). There are quite a lot of honest network marketing businesses like Herbalife, FLP, Avon, Amway etc.

– Just be aware of the MLM’s using a pyramid system without having a solid product

Different marketing Stock-marketing

Stock Marketing

– Stock Marketing – Also called Stock exchange. Buying and selling company stocks. Used to be done by brokers but it’s getting more and more popular for private persons nowadays. There are specialized websites to find where you can enter the world of stock marketing.

Note: You do need some financial backup to start working this market.

Guerrilla Marketing

– Guerrilla Marketing – is an unconventional tactic of advertising for small budget companies. Often trying to take people by surprise. Originally guerrilla marketing was invented for the small business owner with a low or no budget to advertise. But big companies have taken over this strategy. The mass media advertising is a form of guerrilla marketing. Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and Heineken are all using it.

Online marketing is nothing more than sharing your passion with others using online sources. Click To Tweet

Internet Marketing

– Internet Marketing – AKA Online marketing or Digital marketing. The key to internet marketing is to promote brands, build lists to investigate the preferences, engage with customers and increase sales through various internet marketing techniques. Companies who are using the digital marketing technics are writing out surveys and are placing tracking cookies to understand the whereabouts of the customer so they can increase their sales.


Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

– Outbound Marketing – is original the old fashion way of marketing, using newspapers, flyers, TV, and billboards. The outbound marketing has spread over the internet with aggressive advertising methods. They do not shrink of spam either. They are buying email addresses to send unsolicited ads. Their strategy has been recognized by major discount flashy commercials.

– Inbound  Marketing – Is a way of marketing who ask permission to send advertisements. They often work with newsletters.


Product Marketing

– Product marketing – is the process of promoting and selling a product to customers. They often use Social Media, TV, and radio, but also door-to-door flyers and the newspaper. They try to get you into the shop with very attractive offers.

Different marketing Relation-marketing

Relation Marketing

– Relation Marketing – is based on mutual trust. These companies work with aftercare. They will call you if you are satisfied with their product. In the meanwhile, they have a special offer because you are such a good client. Their business strategy aims for personal contact with their clients.


SEO Marketing

– SEO Marketing – SEO = Search engine optimization. You use specific strategies to write your articles/content on your website. SEO specialists are following all changes in the algorithms of the search machines. Google has changed the rules with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird per example.


The types of marketing I recommend

In my opinion, a combination of niche marketing, affiliate marketing, Social Media and SEO marketing will establish a successful and totally risk-free online business.

Pick out a niche, get affiliated with a company, and write quality content. Share! Sounds easy, and it is easy. I am not saying that you don’t have to work for your money, but the concept is most successful. Wealthy Affiliate is an open education resource where you can learn all about affiliate marketing.


Different marketing wa_build_business
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