Do a barrel roll twice

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Google has humor! You can see that when you add different sentences to the search bar. Do a barrel roll is one of the most searched for. I have searched all of Google to find the “Do a barrel roll twice” but I haven’t found it yet. Perhaps an idea for Google to create the “do a barrel roll twice” as well ūüėČ

go to google to do a barrel roll

Go to Google to try the barrel roll

More Google life hacks

Try out the amazing Google gravity, and fill in askew and Google will be displaying a crooked tilted screen. Or the try out this link to Google Mirror and while you are there you can Google underwater, Google Pacman, Google guitar and Google snake.

Google askew

And how do you like Google in space?

Or an¬†epic search, I’m feeling excessive!¬†Google Epic?

And especially for the Gothic people Google designed Googoth and for the rainbow people, of course, a rainbow 

With Google loco, everything collapses just like in Google gravity

And don’t think¬†they are out of ideas yet! Here are some other wonderful Google inventions!

Quick draw with Google and write Zerg Rush into the search bar. It almost looks like if you caught some zerg rush

And when you do a search for “recursion” then Google asks “Did you mean recursion?” Funny guy:)!

But Google also helps you with math

Ask Google to solve a circle, triangle, cylinder or a rhombus and you can work on it right away.

Google solve circle Rhombus Triangle Cylinder

Etymology Help with Engels

Fill in your word with etymology РExample: bridge etymology

Google is ever so helpful

Sunrise in London (fill in any place you want)

New York forecast (fill in any place)

Tip calculator (always handy to know what tip is required;)

Inches to cm and feet to cm

I love you in Spanish (whatever language you want with pronunciation)

I like you in Chinese (whatever language you want with pronunciation)

Holy Saint Days: St Patrick day; St David day etc.

Movie release dates: Avatar 2 release date


Books by…Songs by….

Type in the search bar: Songs by Adele and you get instantly all her songs displayed.

Songs by Adele

More help from Google

Google reverse РDrag & drop an image in the search bar to find similar images.

Fill into the Google search bar: Set timer to 5 minutes or 10 minutes, whatever time you want

Go to Google to try it out

I close up with some amazing original videos

If Google was a guy… from College humor

 If Google was a guy (part 2),  If Google was a guy (part 3), If Google was a guy (part 4), If Google was a guy (part 5 includes the barrel roll)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and the links for Google:)

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