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What Does An SEO Specialist Do, Interview With Robert — 8 Comments

  1. Loes, Great to meet Robert (I think of him as Boomer) on a personal level. I usually catch his WA blogs and training. Always come away with a little knowledge! I’ve also checked out his sites and picked some knowledge from those also.
    A great guy that I am proud to know and follow at WA!

    • Hi Sanders, great to see you commenting here on my post! Yes, I understand what you are saying, I also pick up knowledge from Robert. There are a lot of great people at the WA community, he is for sure one of them 🙂

  2. This was a really great in depth look into Robert as a professional.  I’ve seen him around on Wealthy Affiliate for years, but I didn’t really know his background story that much, other than he has a lot of experience.  I’ve always felt like you were the expert in WA, I didn’t realize that you’ve gone to Robert and perhaps others for help along the way. lol  But I know in any business, it’s always important to have a roll model and people you can look up to and follow by their guidance and strategies.

    What have been some of your biggest lessons that you’ve learned from Robert?  

    • Hi Nicki, pppff, the hardest lesson he learned me is not to share links on welcomes messages at WA, I thought it would be helpful to share the link to my top rated blogs, a lot of members would benefit from it, he made a lot of effort to convince me that this was not allowed, and they would give me a writer revocation if I keep on sharing that link, so now I only mention how they can find it. The best lesson I learned from him was that Google images are not free to use. Further, I follow all his blogs and training. There is a lot of knowledge in there.


  3. It fascinates me that with Wealthy Affiliate you can do so much and there are no limits, especially when it comes to your occupation or age. 

    I think this interview shows exactly what we should focus more. Sometimes we forget simple but powerful little things which can lead us to wonderful ideas, thoughts and passion about something. 

    Everyone wants to thrive quickly, be good at something, so I appreciate the people who can offer their own time to give somebody a hand. It is always good to know that you are not alone in any business, that there is a supportive community – the people. 

    Thanks for an inspiring interview and good ideas to develop further in our online business journey. 



    • Thank you for your comment Tomas, Wealthy Affiliate is surprising me daily. The amount of training and the helpfulness of the members is simply amazing.


  4. Nice post Loes.  It is so interesting how over the years SEO has changed.  Now in some ways I think it is easier than ever.  If you pick a topic to write about within your site niche/theme and write about it conversationally you will undoubtedly get your site ranked over time within your topic, given you create enough content.

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