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When you want to get the best out of your online business, you’d better use the best tools. Here is my key to your perfect website. I will share with you which tools I use to develop, design, and promote my online business.


Website design and development

My no. #1 recommendation is the Wealthy Affiliate University. You can host and develop 2 websites for free (forever). And when you choose to get serious about real earnings online, the premium version of Wealthy Affiliate could just bring you your dream life. Their affiliate program is top-notch. You can try out the premium version for free, during the first 7 days.

Domain names

When you are beginning a website and want to see whether this is something you really like to do, you can start your website on a free to use subdomain name. Just to see which way the wind blows. You can always transfer your work to another domain name if you wish. There are a lot of companies offering domain names to buy. I have 2 favorites, Namecheap and Wealthy Affiliate. My first domain names I bought at Namecheap, but after a while, I transferred them to Wealthy Affiliate, because of the terrific services, included SSL and security packs. The continued monitoring and the daily backups. It just feels safe to me.

Keyword research tool

For me, the best keyword research tool is Jaaxy. You can try out Jaaxy for 30 searches. After that, you need to upgrade to a premium account. However, Jaaxy is fully integrated into the premium Wealthy Affiliate account, and therefore, you can use it totally for free as a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. They find the organic traffic you need to search for the best keywords for your posts. But Jaaxy is offering more. They measure the competition and calculate how high a keyword will rank on Google.

Free images

Om my Wealthy Affiliate blog, I have listed hundreds of website services where you can find millions of free images. When you want to search there for free images, you can do 2 things:

  • Open a free account
  • Click away the popup to sign in a couple of times

Either way, you can access my comprehensive list here

Banners and Social Media advertisements

There are a lot of free programs online with ready-made templates for Social Media. I usually switch between different programs. For example Designcap, Canva or Design Wizard. They all have a free and premium version. Design Wizard has an affiliate program with which you can earn the premium account. Designcap is another graphic design tool for you to try.

Movie programs

The easiest to use program for your entree into the video world is Screencast-o-Matic, very suitable for screencast videos and Biteable, they are working with ready-made templates.


I have heard very good things about Aweber, but they provide only a 30-day free trial. A good alternative to start with can be Send in Blue, They offer a free account for unlimited contacts and 300 emails/day. I am Dutch, so I use a Dutch autoresponder called Laposta. They offer a free account; max. 2000 active contacts; 12.000 newsletters a month, and an add to Laposta beneath the newsletter.

Note* When you are in the “Make Money Online” niche, don’t start with MailChimp, they’ll kick you out the moment they detect that you are promoting MMO.

Picture editing

I just love to create original images for my website, and for that, I use MSPaint (free Microsoft program on your computer). And from that, I switch forward and back again between (You need flash) and All these programs are totally free to use.

Social Media

There are a lot of Social Media platforms you can use. And to keep Google happy you should have at least a Google+ account. For business opportunities, Linkedin is a good option. And when you are more visual then choose for Instagram or Pinterest. Facebook is for home, garden and kids talk. But when you want more from Facebook you can start business pages.

Click the icons on top or at the bottom of this post to share/follow me on the different platforms.

Many more great tools

Of course, there are many more great tools to find on the internet. This is just a selection of the tools I use. And I am very satisfied with the results. On my search on the internet, I stumbled upon other awesome free to use programs, and I made a list of them. You can access my list here.

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