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Create your own website and earn Legitimate Income online.

Work at home, the future is yours! Take action!

But how do you earn a legitimate income online?

Let’s first discuss the “why” and thenhow”.

The reason why you stopped on my page, it is not unthinkable you are looking for money on the internet.

The cause that brought you here

A lot of people have difficulties to make ends meet. Economically, there is no prospect.

The forecasts are bad. Mine was too:(

More and more people are being told:

You must cut your spending.

We are going to automate.

You are too old.

Your pension will be adjusted.

The state pension is going down by x%.

Your rent is going up.

Your taxes have increased so your mortgage will be adjusted.

You are fired.

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the economic prognosis is much to rosily outlined read more…


IMF is an organization of 188 countries. Working to foster global monetary cooperation. Secure financial stability. Facilitate international trade. Promote high employment and sustainable economic growth. And reduce poverty around the world.

So you come to the conclusion, something must be done, but how do you generate an income or an additional income?

This website, Work at Home, the future is yours, will provide information for the “How to do that”


To learn how to earn money on the internet you need education. You need easy to apply instruction videos.

You need an educational program which is proven to work for everyone in the same way.

You need the possibility to ask questions, technical support standby, and a company which provides security.


You will feel helpless to do it on your own, so you need a community to hold your back. To help you, to stimulate you and to explain things to you, you don’t understand. To tell you “the how”. While Wealthy Affiliate is an international community, the help is available 24/7- 365 days a year.


You need a proven system. A system that not only just works for a few, but that works for everybody equal.

The system Wealthy Affiliate offers is a proven successful operating legal one, based on educating people.

System Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see in this graphic, if you take your business seriously, you become a premium member.

But before becoming a premium member, you get the chance to experience if this program suits you.

If you don’t want to take your business to a top-level, you can stay on as a free member too,

but I think that you do yourself shortage in this case.

When you decide to go premium you get all advantages you need to become successful.


Wealthy Affiliate

has it all, an open resource education, a helpful community and a proven system to teach people how to make money online.


In this short YouTube video, I will explain to you what Wealthy Affiliate University is on the inside.

A great helpful international community.

It is free to take a look if this is the education you are looking for. If it is, you will be thankful you followed the link below. If it is not, you can leave without losing any money at all. I offer you a unique chance to make a thorough decision if this is the opportunity you where searching for!


I cordially invite you to click on the logo below

to learn more about affiliate marketing

And to take a look at the premises of

the Wealthy Affiliate University

It is totally free to peek inside!



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Hey, nice to meet you. I am Loes and I love to work, create and make money on the internet. My vision for the future is promising because the activities and sales go to triple over the next few years. You can take advantage of it too. Step into the world of affiliate marketing today, and work towards financial freedom for you and for your family. If you would like to learn how to build your own Wordpress website, click here to open your free account today!

  1. Rufat says:

    Great article Loes. Internet allows us to build our legit businesses and make real money and by this it gives us a good alternative to real life. To be honest, I totally agree with you that forecasts are not so good and starting my own business on the internet really gives me a big hope for my future. You laid out the info in a very clear and simple way and I like that you paid much attention to the importance of being a part of a community for anyone looking to start a legit business online because without community and supreme support that Wealthy Affiliate provides it’s really hard to achieve a goal.

    • Loes says:

      Hi Rufat, thank you for commenting my article, it is indeed important to have support, personal, educational and technical, al that is offered within a close community. I am very glad I found Wealthy Affiliate with all its qualities, greetings Loes

  2. David says:


    This is an excellent website and an excellent representation of WA! Although there is not any “Get Quick Rich” that is real out there, this is the best and most comprehensive method of making income I think I have seen on the internet. I just wish I had found it much sooner! Thanks for sharing this valuable information in such a easy to understand and well presented manner!

    • Loes says:

      Hello David, nice of you to take the time for a comment, you are right, with the courses on Wealthy Affiliate you make money in a steady way, you build something up, but it is lasting, you even can leave it as inheritance to your children. I saw your site, man and woman relation, great site David. a lot of people will benifit from your blogs. See you around at the inside:) Loes

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