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For students, it is sometimes hard to make ends meet and earn some extra money. You are wondering, where can I make money, as a student, a teenager, or even as a kid? There are multiple opportunities to earn extra money on a weekly bases or over summer during the holidays. Here are 40 great ideas for students to earn, in a creative way, a few extra bucks every month.

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1. Give computer/tablet lessons in the neighborhood and the old people’s home.
Make flyers on the computer and print them, deliver them to all neighbors and in the old people’s home. Tell them who you are. Share your email address and phone number and why you want to make money. Before you know it your agenda is full of orders. Do not mention a fixed amount per consult. Negotiate for every new registration, but $ 6 / $15 per job/hour is quite normal.

2. Tutoring
Are you good at physics or another subject? Start tutoring to 1st-year students. Parents love to pay you for this.

3. Sell your skills
Offer your knowledge on FiverrI had the pleasure to translate a children’s book, Mr. Bobo

4. Babysittingbabysitting
Go and take care of small children. Flyer in the neighborhood and put a picture of yourself on the flyer. That makes it more familiar.

5. Advertising
Have your car stickered. Here is one of the multiple companies you can find on the internet.

6. Enquetes
Sign up for surveys on Global Test Market or one of the hundreds of others you can find all over the internet.

7. Buy and sell
Search in second-hand sales stores for unique books or other stuff, have your cell phone with you to check the uniqueness on the spot, buy it for a dime and sell them for a few dollars on eBay or another (online) marketplace. If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can also sell second-hand books through bol.com

8. Test websites
Another fun and interesting method to make money from your lazy chair is testing websites. You will receive $$$ on user-testing for testing a website. It can’t be easier, right?
Testing time
There are also other websites where you can earn money by testing websites.

9. Become an affiliate marketer
As an affiliate marketer, (for $0.00 you can host and create 2 landing pages) you try to market products from companies. With a purchase, you get a percentage of the sold goodies. If you have good sales skills and you can create a lot of traffic, you have a good chance to succeed in affiliate marketing! There are several organizations where you can become an affiliate marketer. However, most of them require a website, some of them you can even use solely with Social Media shares. Click here to take a look at what you get with your premium Wealthy Affiliate account. Where you can learn all about website developing, affiliate marketing, and domains.

10. Writing an eBook
There are websites that consciously choose to offer eBooks about what they have written on their site. Because of this, they earn money. You can choose to write such an eBook yourself. If you have a (well-running) website you can sell your eBook. It can quickly yield you money. Here you can read how to make a good eBook. You can also write an ebook and sell it on Social Media or YouTube without a website.

11. Translate
Do you have special skills for languages? Then you can become a translator. For this, you have to actively look for customers yourself. This is, of course, possible from your lazy chair. There are enough companies that are looking for people who have certain language skills. For example, if you speak and write Chinese or Arabic, there are undoubtedly companies that can benefit from your talent.

12. Dog walking service
Do you truly love pets? Then you can provide flyers in your entire environment that you have started a pet service. Walking the dogs, feeding the cats and rabbits etc. You can also mention doing this during the holidays.

13. Photographer
Are you shooting beautiful portraits or are you a star in creating unique and creative images? Then create a website where individuals and/or companies can buy your photos or sell them as stock photos on websites like Shutterstock and Getty Images/iStock.

14. Graphic designer
If you are creative and can get along with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, you could start an online company as a graphic designer. But you can also let yourself be hired to make logos, folders or illustrations for example.

15. Teacher
Chinees, Greek, programming, writing, mathematics; With Skype and a good internet connection you can offer virtually anything you can learn offline online. And you really do not have to be an expert right away or have studied a course before you can teach it to others; you just have to make sure that you know a bit more than your students. When you study a foreign language at the university, you can offer yourself as a speech teacher to college students.

16. Ironing service
A great idea! A lot of people really hate ironing. Flyer in your neighborhood and ask a good price for your services.

17. Photographer at home
Are you good with the camera and do you make the most beautiful pictures of people? You can make money by offering your services as a photographer at home. Or set up a studio at home and take photos in your own studio. Children and pets are very grateful subjects. Eg. Offer your services for birthday parties. Flyer on schools in your neighborhood.

18. Household coach
Running a good household is not easy. Do you have a talent for that? Offer your services as a household coach. Help people organize and clean up their household. Think, for example, of schedules for cleaning up the house. New formats that make it easier to organize everything. A new system for organizing finances and paperwork.

19. Freelance writer
Write articles for magazines or websites.

20. Music lesson
Do you play reasonably well an instrument? Then you know more than a starter you can make money with this. Music lessons in a center are often very expensive. Perhaps you can offer a competitive price?

21. Sewing service
Nowadays, many people no longer know how to stop holes, sew buttons, and shorten trousers. Do you have a sewing machine? Let everyone know that they can bring their things to you.

22. Go gardening
Do you have green fingers? Chances are you can work for a nice compensation with oldies in your area. They a beautiful garden, you a nice bit of pocket money! And I can guarantee you almost for sure that coffee and cake is included.

23. Coffin carrier
Have you ever thought of becoming a coffin bearer at funerals? It pays well and there are regular vacancies.

24. Watch houses.
It is getting better known in the travel world. Do you want to go on vacation? And don’t have any money for this? You can apply to watch someone’s house. Perhaps you can find a nice place with a nice environment where you can watch a house for a while. Sometimes there are pets that need to be taken care of and sometimes you are even paid for it. There are many websites.
Australia – My home watch
Global – House Carers
Azia and South America – Mind my house
Global – Trustedhousesitters

25. Dog trainerdog walking and teaching
Are dogs your passion? And are you familiar with how to train a dog? Then you can give training to dogs and their owners.

26. Mover
Many people need help with moving. Keep a close eye on the for sale/sold posters, and ask if they can use a pair of extra hands.

27. Children’s parties assistant
Do you like to entertain children? Assist at children’s parties and make sure you can create face paintings, tinkering and possibly making animals from balloons. Many people find a creative aid fantastic. Put your ad in every elementary school newspaper in your area.

28. Paint
If you can paint well and neatly, this might be something for you. Paint sanding and fences for others and earn extra money. You do not do unfair competition, nobody hires a painting company for their fence.

29. Farmers help
They can often use some help on the farm. Just visit a few farms.

30. Curriculum Vitae writer
Many people still struggle to find a job. It often appears that their C.V. not in order or looks sloppy. You can help others with their C.V. to get in order. Offer yourself online.

31. Social media manager
Are you good at creating content for social media? Then there is a lot of work to be done here. Many companies are looking for people who manage social media for them and if you are familiar with the social media world and you manage the steps you have to take to reach the customer, then they are definitely waiting for you.

32. Spare space for rent
Do you have an empty garage or room? Then rent the space to someone, so that people can temporarily store their belongings. For example, someone could park a car there or temporally their furniture. You do not have to do much to earn extra money this way.

33. Driveway or parking space for rent
If you have your own parking space and do not use it, you can rent it to someone who is short of a place in your neighborhood. In this way, you also have additional income.

34. Room for rent
If you have a spare room, rent it out. You can sign up via Airbnb, this is a site where you can find and specify a room.

35. Open a Bed & Breakfast
More and more travelers are leaving soulless hotels. Do you have a free room in your house? Rent them out! Especially if you live in a beautiful environment, close to tourist attractions or near a station or an airport, your bed and breakfast can attract a lot of people. Bonus: you will also get to know new people too.

36. Sell your clothes
Some second-hand shops offer you a 50% – 50% profit.

37. Rent your car
Are you the lucky student with a car? Rent out your car when you don’t use it. Be sure to make solid agreements, though, in case of damage.

38. Sell your old electronics
Eg. GSM, TV, Laptop, PlayStation.

39. Become filmmaker
Capture video for special events. Offer your camera skills to film holy communions, birthday parties, events, and Jubilee.

40. Sell your creative creations
Are you a creative person. You can make your own products and sell them on websites like Etsy.

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  1. Kai says:

    Wow I didn’t know there are so many ways to make money! Thank you for sharing!
    After a couple years of working, I have decided to go back to school. I will definitely try a few of these to make extra cash.
    I think dog walking and translating might work for me as I enjoy spending time with dogs and I speak a second language.

    • Loes says:

      It’s always handy, when you speak a second language, Kai. Google translate is understandable but far from perfect yet. Success with your school! Thank you for dropping by, Loes

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