Examples of animated banners

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The best way to catch the eyes of your visitor is to make your banners eye-catching. In this training, I will show you how you can do this quick and easy, with free to use online programs.

Button gif

The programs I have used to make the next animated banners:





Gifmaker.me (Great program, but not https, delete your images when you are finished)

BLINK Cliplets


1. Find a suitable image on Pxhere or create a banner on DesignWizard or Canva.

This one is found and made on DesignWizard

teach anyone successful business

2. Upload your image to Pixlr.editor.

  • Cut the button
  • Make background transparent and save as PNG
  • Upload original image again
  • Erase the button
  • Add your saved button as a layer
  • Click on Free transformation and put the button back in place
  • Click on Free deformation and lower the upper side of the button a little bit
  • Save image 2

3. Go to Gifmaker.me.

  • Upload the 2 images
  • Set the timer
  • Create GIF Animation
  • Download the GIF

4. The result.

Only 2 images needed to create this gif

We can teach anyone to become successful online

Here are more ideas and examples for moving banners.

Banner 1 The sky is the limit

For the moving seagull, I used 7 images and loaded them up 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2

To get this movement you have to replace the free transformation every time a little bit and save the image.

The sky is the limit2

*Note – You might have to deactivate the EWWW image optimizer plugin to let the gif files load full size.

Banner 2 Let your business grow

For this image, I used 18 images

Let your business grow



Banner 3 Launch rocket your business

This gif is made of 23 images (17 from the previous gif and 5 extra)

Launch rocket your business

Banner 4 Made on DesignWizard and transformed into a gif with Blink Cliplets

You can use ready-made templates for this banner on DesignWizard, fill in your own text and you are good to go:)

Read new topics DW video cliplet

Banner 5 Video made on DesignWizard and transformed into a gif with Blink Cliplets

Examples of animated banners

Now you are able to animate any banner you like:) Success!

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  1. Ioannis says:

    Very clever! And what a presentation it makes! Thank you for the idea and tutorial. I also like the Mickey Mouse courser. Pretty cool! Cheers!

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