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Ain´t we all want to become famous online on YouTube for nothing? First of all, I haven’t managed to get a video of me to go viral on Youtube, but I am doing a case study about it, why some videos get more views than others? Why are some videos more shared than others? And I figured out a few things.

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Cat videos go VIRAL!

  • The first thing I noticed is when you do crazy enough people are more tempted to share your video
  • The second thing I noticed is when you share cat videos people are more tempted to share your video
  • The third thing I noticed is the structure of the video

And that is precisely what this blog is about. The structure of your video. We do not all jump from a roof with a surfboard, of trying to choke ourselves with marshmallows or have a cat. Most of the YouTube videos are about spreading knowledge and do seriously want to help people with issues.

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The structure of your video

The introduction

I am more interested in videos which are beginning with what they have to offer, so a powerful and great introduction that grabs my attention right away, makes that I am more tempted to view the whole video, and even share it. And I see a lot of videos starting with:

Hello, welcome to my video channel

I am Loes Knetsch and I am an affiliate marketer

for over 4 years now.

This video is about blablabla

20 Seconds are gone, and nobody knows what the video is about yet. Your viewer already zapped on to the next one. You have 10 seconds to tempt individuals to watch your video.

How should an introduction look like?

  • Inquiry
  • Question
  • Answer
  • Secret

Come up with a great introduction: Ask a question and tell you will have the answer.
Start with something like: I have 3 ways to make your SEO better than ever.
Or a teaser like: The secret to success in 7 easy steps

After your awesome introduction, you can introduce yourself briefly.

Here is an example video about what I try to say to you.


Quality or quantity of videos?

You require only one marvelous video, not hundreds of unremarkable videos. It’s not about the number of average videos you publish, it’s about that one true quality video. And you need to find the way how to make that one awesome video. It’s like a lottery ticket, you need that one right combination to win. A hundred lottery tickets with almost right numbers will not bring in the prize either.

First gain! The Video Title!

An awesome title will increase the possibility that people watch and share your video. You can use title generators to come up with terrific phrases. Click here to get to my list of free to use title generators.

The recipe for YouTube achievement in 3 simple steps

What have you learned thus far?

  1. Amazing Introduction
  2. Tweak one video into awesomeness
  3. Awesome Title

7 tips to take with you


  • Watch your hairstyle and background.
  • Be to the point. Dispose of the em’s and eh’s.
  • Share your video anyplace you can. On Social Media, Email, Whats-app. On your website. Get IT Going.
  • Publish it on Monday or Tuesday. For reasons unknown, individuals have more opportunity to watch.
  • No one watches or shares when it’s bad. Make fascinating videos.
  • Make your video shorter, nobody will sit and watch a 10 minutes video.
  • Make certain the right individuals SEE your video.

Compose a VIRAL title.

Do invest energy in this one! I repeat this because it’s vitally important!

Final video

Your video is ready to be published on YouTube. There you get the opportunity to add words and phrases for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And like as on other Social Media Platforms, you can also add # (Hashtags).

How to go viral on YouTube


My published YouTube video


Your video goes viral!

Ok, you’ve done it. Your video goes viral! Due to the latest rules on YouTube, you weren’t able to place ads on it. You can only do that after you gained 10.000 views. So handle this ad service quickly. There can be earned a lot between the 10.000 and 1 million views! Or even more, there are over a billion YouTube users.


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