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You have probably all seen these little finish lines on other websites. They look so incredibly professional. I wanted this line too! So, I went searching and trying out HTML codes to create a final line like this on my blogs. When I look at the big authority websites, they often show lines like this. When you want that too, and I can imagine you do, you can copy my code.
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Example finish line for your website

finish line website/ final line blog


What do you have to do to get this final line working?

  • Copy the code below
  • Paste the code into your text section all the way at the bottom
  • Switch over to the visual tab

What do you have to change in this finish line?

  • You are in your visual tab now!
  • Fill in your own words, you may use mine, but perhaps you like other words better
  • Fill in your own name behind the ©
  • Select each word, unlink and paste your own link to it
  • You can change the <h6> into any size

Here is the finish line code and copyright mention

<h6 class=”additional-link basic desktop-only” style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”color: #999999;”><span class=”pipe”>|</span><a style=”color: #999999;” href=””> Home</a> <span class=”pipe”>|<a style=”color: #999999;” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> </a></span><a style=”color: #999999;” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><span class=”pipe”>Use of Cookie</span><span class=”pipe”>s</span> </a><span class=”pipe”>|</span> <a style=”color: #999999;” href=””>Privacy Policy</a> <span class=”pipe”>|</span><a style=”color: #999999;” href=””> FAQ</a> <span class=”pipe”>| <a style=”color: #999999;” href=””>Affiliate Disclosure</a> <span class=”pipe”>| <a style=”color: #999999;” href=””>Contact</a> <span class=”pipe”>|</span></span></span></span></h6>
<h6 class=”copyright-notice basic” style=”text-align: center;”>© Loes Knetsch. All rights reserved.</h6>


*Nb. some programs change the “brackets” during copying and pasting. When the code doesn’t work correctly, replace the brackets “”.

And this is how a final line will look like

What subjects can you add to a line like this?

As you can see, I start with my homepage. Next, to the Use of Cookies, Privacy Policy, Faq, Affiliate Disclosure and Contact, you can also mention:

  • Terms of Service
  • Google Maps
  • About the company/ About me
  • Rewards
  • Publications
  • (Job) Applications

Anything you believe is important for your visitors to know.

If you like it to play around with CSS, HTML or Java?

Visit this website sometime, W3schools. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish there!

Success creating your own little final lines for your blog.

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