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Free Advertising Online For My Business — 2 Comments

  1. Hey I agree with you on the pop up ads. Everyone hates them ( I know I do ). But I also liked that by visiting your site I now know where to go to create a pop up ad if I ever need one. Which isn’t a bad thing because as your site clearly states, they work!
    One thing I would like to say about your site is that it’s not very visually appealing.
    The ads you use are very old looking and look like they would work on older people. Sorry.
    But hey if they are working for you and you are making money then who am I to judge?
    I would just recommend making your site a little more visually appealing to younger audiences like maybe adding a video at the top of some pages so lazier people don’t have to read and explore a little. A video that may explains your site and lets people learn a little.
    Again though I agree with the point I got from your site. Advertising sucks for people but it works for us!

    • Hi Eric, I AM an “older” person:) That might explain my visuals. But still young at heart, and I will look to my ads with other (younger) eyes now. Thank you for being so kind to let me know. I do make money, but there is always something to improve on a website. You keep me from getting bored 😉

      You are always welcome to give me your opinion. But I can’t promise you that I will listen, I am still a woman 🙂


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