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Everybody hates popups, but surprisingly enough it works very well to get subscribers and sales. That’s why I surfed the internet to find the BEST free advertising online for my business and the opportunity to place the popup where I want it to be. When you want to leave a page, there often will be displayed a popup.

LeadsLeap review

Rating: 6.0 out of 10

Category: Advertising online

Price :$ 0,00 (get a free account)

Website: http://www.leadsleap.com/


You can try it, I have added a popup. It is popping up on the bottom-Bottom right popupright. He will appear after a few seconds.

You can have a free pop-up like this too!

And although a lot of people dislike this, it converts very well.

You can use the banners they provide directly with your affiliate link attached.


What else does Leadsleap offer?

Leadsleap pricing
Leadsleap pricing

How does “one signup a day” sounds?

Free gift: One signup a day e-book, download or view online.

leadsleap signup
Another free gift is the OTO list builder Read the explanation!

“This powerful FREE script lets you run a full-fledged online business like the gurus.”

Rating: 6.0 out of 10


  1. It’s free and it’s easy.
  2. They have multiple opportunities to advertise your business.
  3. Free popups to be made in a popup generator.
  4. Affiliate opportunities also with a free account.
  5. You might stumble over a great advertisement.
  6. You can use the OTO list building program ( You need your own website for this)


  1. For a free account, you need to click at least 10 ads a day to earn credits.
  2. To get your 3 free ads displayed, you have to click a whole lot of rubbish ads.
  3. The click earnings are very low $0,05 cents for 180 clicks.
  4. Most ads are attending the make BIG money online business overnight or buy traffic. Which becomes a little boring.

It’s a big YES for the popup opportunity, but a big NO for the advertising stuff.


Overall conclusion For Leadsleap

Free Advertising Online For My Business

thumbs up legit

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  1. Eric says:

    Hey I agree with you on the pop up ads. Everyone hates them ( I know I do ). But I also liked that by visiting your site I now know where to go to create a pop up ad if I ever need one. Which isn’t a bad thing because as your site clearly states, they work!
    One thing I would like to say about your site is that it’s not very visually appealing.
    The ads you use are very old looking and look like they would work on older people. Sorry.
    But hey if they are working for you and you are making money then who am I to judge?
    I would just recommend making your site a little more visually appealing to younger audiences like maybe adding a video at the top of some pages so lazier people don’t have to read and explore a little. A video that may explains your site and lets people learn a little.
    Again though I agree with the point I got from your site. Advertising sucks for people but it works for us!

    • Loes says:

      Hi Eric, I AM an “older” person:) That might explain my visuals. But still young at heart, and I will look to my ads with other (younger) eyes now. Thank you for being so kind to let me know. I do make money, but there is always something to improve on a website. You keep me from getting bored 😉

      You are always welcome to give me your opinion. But I can’t promise you that I will listen, I am still a woman 🙂


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