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Free Animated Graphics Website Image Text Bar — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Loes,

     I’m a beginner at creating website. I thought it is so difficult to create a banner. Thanks for the tutorial. Love it. I know how to create a banner now 🙂

    It looks complicated to create the banner, but following your instructions make it easier :).

    I’m excited to learn more from your website, to create more banner with graphics.

  2. Hi Loes,

    What a great tool.  I love it.  I followed your instructions and tested it on my test website.  It is really simple and quick.  Thanks for sharing another great free tool.

    I am not a big fan of GIF images, but if using sparingly and subtle, it can work.  In your opinion, which website has the best free images without attribution?

    • Hi Rika, you are right, subtle and not too noisy. My first to go website for images is Pxhere.com/ . I use that one most of the time. It’s totally free, and 90% of the images are to use without attribution. 


  3. I absolutely love your training, mainly because, like you, I really appreciate the benefits and value of free software tools whether they be online or downloadable to your own PC.

    I have actually followed the steps in your training to see how easy it was and then I felt I could honestly make a comment as to how good it is.

    The steps are easy to follow, the hardest thing I find is that you do need to have an imagination or some creative talent to produce the quality you demonstrate. However, the steps are easy to do, with some practice I will be able to make something presentable for my presentations or web sites.

    • Thanks Steve, it’s good to know that my training is understandable and easy to follow. I wish you a lot of success practicing this and create awesome presentations!


  4. Hi Loes, I am completely amazed how simple the process seems and how I will be able to do this on my website without too much difficulty. I found this information to be very informative and clear. Which I find on sites of this topic is very rare nowadays. Keep up the good work. Just out of interest do you have any information on where I can get completely free images for my site. I would like to be able to use copyright free images without having to subscribe to anywhere or pay a fee. Thanks Emma

    • Thanks Emma, that´s a great compliment! I have a list of sites on my blog at Wealthy Affiliate, not on my website here. You may take a look there. If you are not a member there, you´ll get a popup to join, after 20 seconds, you can click that away (or join of course, it´s free:) Click here to get my list

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