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“A file format that creates an electronic image of text and/or images and it looks like a printed document that can be viewed, printed or electronically shared”

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems that is now a widely used form for the exchange of electronic documents and is managed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The files, images, websites, e-mails or forms that are displayed in PDF look exactly like a completely printed document. However, the great advantage of a PDF file is that it can contain links, links to websites, videos or other functionalities that naturally will not retain a printed document. That is a big advantage.

A PDF file is often used to convert Microsoft Office files. This has a great advantage that the person who wants to open the file again will see exactly the desired view of the file. The layout will not change when you want to convert a Word file to PDF, convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF or convert an Excel file to a PDF document. In all these cases the desired functionalities will continue to work, even if the recipient uses a different version of Microsoft Office. It is also possible to merge PDF files, this makes even a better overview!

When you share files as PDF with other parties, these parties do not have to open the PDF files with the same software you have created. This means that you never have to worry about whether your documents can be opened and read correctly by third parties. So you can just focus on things that demand more attention from you!

In addition, it is possible to secure PDF files with a password, so that you can be sure that your documents will end up in good hands. This password protection prevents unwanted people from opening, editing or printing your files. That is why this file type is also used by many companies and government agencies worldwide!

PDF files have been expanded in recent years with assistive technologies so that people with disabilities or visual impairments can also access this file format. With a PDF file, you ensure that everyone can see your files as you would like them to be presented.


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