Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing

On this post, I want to share with you the most interesting free online and offline photo editing software to use for your blogging pictures. And how I use this editing programs to make my own banners.

I will use Jing from Techsmith (you can download “Screens on the fly” for free) to show you all the steps I take.

Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing


How to make this arrow on Pixlr-editor


You can use Pixabay.com  to find appropriate pictures for your blog post. Be aware the picture you choose is free for commercial use, no attribution necessary. I found this picture with keys, I want to use it for a banner in the sidebar which will point to Jaaxy, worlds no#1 keyword research tool.

After I have downloaded this picture, then I hop over to Pixlr.com/express to add some special effects.



How to use MS paint

  1. pick a color
  2. paint one area into one color
  3. Select the area, and delete, then fill with the color
  4. You can replace text as well this way.

After I have made the area blue, I select the whole line and shift it down, I will get now a white line to add my text.

The key to success

Pick the color of a key and fill in one area

Now we go to Pixlr.com/editor again, to add the transparent logo of Jaaxy as a layer to this banner.

And here is the result of my banner. And I have to link it to my affiliate link of Jaaxy to my banner.

The Key to success

That done, I will copy the editor code and paste it into a text widget and place it in the sidebar of my website. Be sure you let any link, which leaves your website, will open in a target=”_blank”

<a href=”https://workathomefuture.com/Jaaxy” target=”_blank”><img class=”alignnone wp-image-6546 size-full” src=”https://workathomefuture.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/key-to-success-300.jpg” alt=”The Key to success” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>

With the tools of Jing, Pixlr, MS Paint and Pixabay, you can create umlimitted original pictures for your content.

Full Version Free Software For Photo Editing

How do you make arrows

  1. Go to MS paint
  2. Adjust the sheet
  3. Fill the color
  4. Add the text

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