When you go visiting someone it’s always nice to bring a little something (gadget) as thanks for their hospitality. Although I like myself to go for some handiwork, I still need material also to make each craft. In this online store I have found a world of fun little “To Give Things”, and a lot of material to use for creative arts.

In addition, a wide range of handy kitchen accessories, office scavengers and handy home supplies.

I put the spotlight on:

phone accessoiresLenses, selfie sticks, underwater cover, jogging band etc

phone accessoires

touch screen gloves


touch screen gloves


adhesive tape

 adhesive tapeMake your office look like a feast with this adhesive tape!

arrow 15

GadgetsChair leg protectors

Rugged, tough or nostalgic, a little handy seamstress or knitter will tinker it together self, you just need to get the idea!




Very much choice, in all kinds of shapes and designs, but the “Thumbs up is great, I find that one very cute!


Stamp your note and make someone’s day from good ~ to ~ AWESOME!stamps

Texts with GREAT, WELL DONE, TERRIFIC, Good Luck, Merci etc.


Do you forget to drink your tea or coffee while working? Or is it too dark or too hot in the room? This USB Gadgets are bringing you the solution!

I even found a USB pencil sharpener!


GadgetsThese cool gadgets are on sale at


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