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Have you done it yet? Do you already meet the GDPR requirements of the European Union? Or do you think, I do not live there anyway? Unfortunately, the internet knows no boundaries, and whether you live in Timbuktu or the North Pole, these requirements also apply to your website. But it is very simple to solve in 3 steps.

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Step 1 – GDPR proof website

Edit your privacy policy

You can use the guidelines of WordPress.

WordPress is an amazing platform, and in your setting, you find “Privacy”. Click on that and you see a WP guide and some other settings.

Privacy Policy WordPress Settings GDPR

Update your privacy policy.

Step 2 – GDPR proof website

WP GDPR Compliance

Add this plugin:

WP GDPR Compliance plugin

WP GDPR Compliance Plugin Properties

This plugin assists website and webshop owners to comply with European privacy regulations known as GDPR. By May 24th, 2018 your site or shop has to comply to avoid large fines.

WP GDPR Compliance currently supports Contact Form 7 (>= 4.6), Gravity Forms (>= 1.9), WooCommerce (>= 2.5.0) and WordPress Comments. Additional plugin support will follow soon.

  • A privacy checkbox on your comments
  • A privacy checkbox on your WP contact form 7
  • A GDPR request form and page, fully automated!


Shift the bars which apply to your website on the integration tab.


Activate page, after saving the checklist will appear.

WP GDPR Compliance plugin settings

Settings User Request Data

Chance the text: By using this form you agree with the storage …. etcetera, into: You can request your data stored in our WordPress database (comments, forms etc.). by filling in your email address.

Save changes

Go to the page, a link to it is provided, edit if you like and publish (default is private.)

Add  a Text Widget or a link to the Data request page

Grap the short link and place it into a text widget in your sidebar or footer.

Title: GDPR Request Form


Text: Data found will be sent to your email address and allow you to
put in an additional request to have the data anonymized.


GDPR Requist Data Widget


You place either a link to the page OR place the code into a text widget.

data request page widget

Send a request to your own email to see how it works.

Step 3 – GDPR proof website

EU cookie Law Plugin

This plugin is very modest and gives your visitor a cookie warning pop up.

EU cookie law consent plugin


This is the popup:

EU cookie law plugin

This is the text people get when they ask for more information

You may copy this text-code here

Code for the EU Cookie law plugin

The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click “Accept” below then you are consenting to this. For more information, I refer you to <a href=”https://yourlinktoyourprivacypolicy.com” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>GDPR requirements cookie and tracking law</a>.
When you don’t want cookies placed, you are free to leave this website.
<a href=”https://www.google.com/” target=”_top” rel=”noopener”>DECLINE COOKIES</a>

Replace the red link for your own link.

Done, your website is now GDPR Proof!

Read more about the GDPR Requirements and the EU Cookie Law

Success complying with the requirements of the GDPR!

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