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General Data Protection Regulation Law In The European Union (AVG) — 6 Comments

  1. Hello Loes, Spending time on your website was quite interesting and I am going to have to go back to it for more information. It is packed full of very useful information. So let’s get to it…
    First Impression:
    Great visual, after going through the website, I had to find out what theme you are using here as I really like the format. The navigation column looks great, however, the links opened a blank page and after clicking on the links a few times, I discovered they were working on the page itself, but opening a new blank page that I was constantly having to close out. (this was on the website tutorials page).
    You have obviously put a ton of work into this site. Your following links are impressive and the amount of information you offer is extreme and valuable.
    I love the photo editor and spent more time there than I should have just playing with it. After the playing I decided that this is a tool I was seriously interested in and bookmarked the editor.
    This critique turned into a great visit. After ten or fifteen minutes, I was no longer critiquing the website, I was simply visiting and taking in all the information available.
    So, overall, this is a great website loaded with so much information and links to your stuff and to other very informational places such as the original page with the privacy information which I also found to be quite interesting and impressed that the EU is taking such steps to protect the citizenery. Great job, Loes. When I grow up as an internet entrepreneur, I want to be as good as you!!!!

    • Hi Danny, thank you for your comment and feedback, I will check up the links, that is not how it should be. I am very pleased to read that you have surfed my website and found some great info which can benefit you for your own home business. I have tried to find you in Wealthy Affiliate, but you must have another nickname there. Can you contact me? I am known as Loes there too.

      Kind regards, and see you later, Loes

  2. Wow Loes,
    You said ‘the European Union is regulating sometimes a bit over the top…’ and that was my first thought when I hit this page. I must say I agree with you in regards to protecting the individual. It makes me want to take a look at what it is going on in the USA. We have protections in terms of notification and such but now I am curious as to what rights we really do have. I am also going to check out my settings to see what role I am playing in all of this.. Great article and thank you so much for creating awareness…

    • Thanks for your comment Danae, I believe they are flouting the rules on individuals in the USA. Because they are not likely to sue companies as Facebook and Google. That’s why the government has to step in, to protect their citizens. Have a great day and success with adjusting your settings. Loes

    • Hi Shirley, I must say, the European Union is regulating sometimes a bit over the top. But on the other hand, they are doing this also to protect the individual internet user against the biggies, I guess we need that.
      Thank you for your comment, Loes

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