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Do you feel that your blog is not working? That you do not get enough visitors? Are you getting comments?
Don’t you get any registrations for your newsletters? Is nobody sharing your posts on Social Media? Is Google unable to find you? Then there is definitely something wrong!

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Maybe you make one or more of the following common mistakes, that your posts are not running smoothly.

My blog is not working, what am I doing wrong?

The first mistake that many bloggers make is perhaps very obvious, yet many, especially business bloggers, make this mistake.
The first mistake is convenience.

1. You are too easy-going

You translate a list of another blog, and done! Totally hopeless! Because in this time of information flow
it is increasingly difficult to raise your head above the ground level.

What you need are high-quality texts. And yes, that takes time and energy. To write posts of over a 1000 words all by yourself.
Don’t settle for copy paste posts! You’ll never score high with a strategy like that. Therefore, choose quality, not quantity.
Write original blog posts and offer real value to your readers.

2. You publish not regularly

The second mistake that many bloggers make is that they do not have a regularity of blogging. In order to build your audience, you have to blog consistently and regularly publish your blog.

Would you subscribe to a newspaper that does come irregular, one day you get it and day two you don’t?

The best way to deal with that is to set up an editorial calendar and think of subjects for a few months ahead. If you come across something about a topic on your list, you can save the information or it cut out and it’s already there for you to use when you are ready.

You are much more productive than if you do not have this planning. Set yourself some deadlines for the upcoming months.

You can easily set this up on an Excel sheet.



3. You pay insufficient attention to optimization

The third mistake is to think that if the blog is published, that the visitors come naturally. That is not true, even the best content needs promotion. Share each blog post on social media. Spend as much time on promoting your blog as on writing your blog.
If you want to get higher with your blog, you might want to consider budgeting for promotion. Buy a larger range with eg. Facebook ads or Adwords of Google.

Repeat sharing on Social Media. This is about the schedule you can follow.

Schedule content on Social Media

Share on Social Media Diagram


4. Optimize your blog for the search engines

Starting a website and starting to blog does not give readers, yes maybe a few family members and friends. Google and Bing also need to know that your blog is there. You have to send them a sitemap for that. So there bots can crawl your website and your blog in search of your keywords and keyword phrases.

That is also something, keywords! What are they?

When you have installed your WordPress website, you are able to add plugins. The perfect plugin for SEO is the “SEO All in One”. You can use this feature for all kind of optimizations. Sending in a sitemap, social media settings and much more. It will appear on your blog in edit mode.

Beneath your WordPress blog, in the back office, you have the opportunity to enter a few keyword phrases (In the SEO all in One area). The robots from Google and Bing know how to find them flawlessly. If someone searches for something on Google, Google looks for exactly the same search term. And then presents all blogs with those specific words to the searcher.

Google and Bing keep a close eye on everything:

Whether your blog has quality (more than 1000 words)
How often you blogged
Do you ever get comments?

They do have 200+ different ways to see how high your blog should be in their ranking system.

VIDEO: How to Rank #1 in Google [New Step-by-Step Case Study]

5. Do you have a mailing list?

Email marketing? Why are you still using this, there is Social Media, isn’t it? A common misconception among entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs think that with the arrival of Social Media, email marketing is no longer interesting. After all, email is old and out. A big misconception! Email is still a very good way to reach your customers.

Why email marketing?

Email is very suitable to maintain a bond with your (potential) customers. Well-written emails are a better read and they are clicked on more than, for example, Tweets and Facebook posts. Every entrepreneur must use email marketing because:

  • it is good to build trust with your (potential) customer
  • it is very effective and cheap
  • it generates revenue
  • it ensures that you stay in the picture
  • it is automatable
  • it is less volatile like for example Facebook and Twitter
  • it has proven itself for years

Provide an opt-in page. An opt-in page is a special page where visitors on your website can leave their details and register on your mailing list.

Use an autoresponder

An autoresponder is a software program with which you can send mailings. The collected email addresses are placed on a mailing list and you can send your mail to the email addresses on your list. The mailings can be scheduled, for example, at a time when you are on vacation or sleeping. Examples of autoresponders are Aweber and MailChimp.

Are you dizzy after reading this blog?

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